Thursday, February 26, 2009

I feel better--but now I have a ton of running around to do today. Thing One's basketball game got cancelled (there's a band concert at the school so that would be difficult) so at least tonight will be nice and quiet.

I have decided to stop watching the news at night. It's very depressing, now. All they're saying is it will be ten years before we're out of this recession. With a husband working in the retail business, that is very scary news.

I bought crayons and a dinosaur colorbook for the baby, and we started coloring yesterday. Now he asks me to "clrrrr" every ten minutes or so. And of COURSE he'll make a few marks on a page and want to go on to another one. So I color with him. I've forgotten how therapeutic coloring can be. I was having as much fun as him!

Sorry, boring post today. I'm a gimp when I'm sick. Can't help it!


Anonymous said...

Just take care of yourself and feel better.

Michelle Miles said...

Get better! And try not to run yourself ragged. :)