Monday, April 21, 2008

Soccer Craziness (Weekend Recap)

Status: Cleaning toilets today. Grumpy.

Saturday was Hubby and my TWELFTH Anniversary. Happy Anniversary to us! The morning was a bright and early start at 6:30-- Thing Three had his first soccer game at 8am across town (why are the early ones always ACROSS TOWN??? GEESH!) and he had his oatmeal and juice and got suited up. I only got lost once getting to the field (GO ME!!) but we got there ten minutes early. He was in the starting play, and they quickly scored a goal. Then, the other team scored two goals, so we were all chewing our nails. (Thing Three's team was undefeated last season.)

THEN, as Thing Three dribbled down to the opposing team's goal, and was about to kick it in, their defense (a large kid) kicked the ball as hard as he could...right into my son's face. Everyone in the crowd gasped (I froze) but then suddenly cheered...because apparently when the ball ricocheted off my poor son's face, it went into the goal.

So, he scored a goal with his face. Nice, huh?

He has a nasty cut and bruise on his left eye, but he's pretty proud of them. And I'm pleased to say he scored the next goal, tying up the game. It ended up a tie. Go Thing Three!

Then we ran home, and I got Thing One, and took her to HER soccer game, which thankfully was down the street at their practice field. She had some awesome key passes and played VERY well, and they won 3-0. Yay!

You're probably wondering where Hubby was in all this? Laying at home with laryngitis and a headache. From shouting through all his business dinners in the loud restaurants and clubs of New York for a week. ;-)

So, he watched the baby and kids. Then we worked out, and got ready for our date, because it was our Anniversary, remember. I got dressed up in my new outfit I'd bought for the occasion (I haven't bought new clothes in AGES) and the sitter came over at 5:30, and we set off for the Capitol Grille downtown. It was amazing. As soon as the valet took our car, the manager of the restaurant was outside and greeted us (they know Hubby well, he has all his business dinners, lunches, etc. there) and when I walked inside, the hostesses greeted me by name. It was pretty neat. They escorted us to a private candle-lit booth where they had fresh flowers (they'd gotten them just for me, I got to take them home!) and they'd lit little candles all over and sprinkled metal "Happy Anniversary" decorations on the white tablecloth. It was all very special and neat. Hubby had his usual person wait on us, and we dined on steak and lobster, asparagus, mushrooms, crab cakes, Caprese salad, and much more. We were STUFFED by the end, and it was very romantic and fun, and people kept stopping to talk to us. We were treated like Rock Stars. It was awesome! And they gave us a dessert selection, including a to-die-for cheesecake with a creme brulee top. It was different, but YUM.

Then we took off for the movie theatre, and watched "Forbidden Kingdom," and giggled most of the way through it. (Hey, there was a lack of options! We'd already seen the good movies, like "21".) But it was good entertainment.

So it was a wonderful night, and I felt very special. And Hubby got me an ENORMOUS vase of pink and cream roses. Our entire first floor smells like them now. It's heavenly.

Of course Sunday, Hubby and I got in an argument, over something silly. Isn't that how marriage goes? ;-) But we've made up, and Sunday was a relaxing day.

And GET THIS, it was SEVENTY TWO DEGREES outside, and SUNNY. I nearly died from shock. And it's supposed to be the same today! Hold me back!

*Sigh* Now it's back to normal--time to run around!


Michelle Miles said...

Aw. That sounds wonderful! So glad you had a lovely dinner. And happy anniversary! I can't imagine being with anyone that long... lol

It's going to be 83 here today. WOOHOO!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful anniversary.

Take pictures of Thing 3's face. That will always be a great memory!