Friday, April 04, 2008

"Houston, We Have a Linus..."

Status: Sleep deprived yet again. I think the baby might have an ear infection now. He was moaning in the night...

Okay, so when Thing Four (aka The Baby) was born, we got a chenille-knit baby blue blanket. It is very soft and cuddly, and the baby has really taken to it lately. So much so, that he is NOT to be without it.

Well, as you can imagine, the blanket gets very dirty. Especially after yesterday, when the baby used it numerous times to "wipe his snotty nose" and chew on, etc. etc.

So I figured out an attack plan. Once he was asleep, I'd trade out blankets and wash it really quick, and replace it right before I went to bed. Good plan, right?


Just before ten, I did "Operation Blanket Swap" and it was successful. I threw it in the wash with a ton of other baby clothes, and started the wash. About ten minutes in, I thought I heard something, so I walked to the foot of the stairs, and to my chagrin, it was the baby, crying like his heart was broken. I ran upstairs and he was inconsolable, he was in his crib, crying (not screaming) like he'd just lost his best friend. Apparently he'd woken up and realized his beloved "night night" was gone. In fact, he'd cried himself into little spots on his face. I felt horrible. I gathered him in my arms and cuddled him, until he closed his eyes, but as soon as I tried to lay him down, he started crying again.

One thing about the baby, he rarely cries. He is usually very happy. So when he does cry, it breaks my heart. So I took him downstairs, and Hubby and I took turns holding him for the next 40 minutes while the wash and drying process finished. He was sooooo beyond sleepy. I grabbed the blanket out (it was still damp but he was upset) and as soon as he saw it he smiled and clapped his hands and went immediately to sleep.


But the blanket was still damp. So I waited fifteen minutes, until I was sure he was out cold, and swapped out the blanket again. Luckily, he was so gone he didn't notice, and I replaced it fifteen minutes later, all warm and dry.

We have a Linus. (For those of you who have lived under a rock for 30 years--"Linus" is a character from the Charlie Brown cartoon, who is always dragging his blanket around. He's never without it.) I just hope I can find another one of those blankets somewhere. I don't know what brand it is, it's one of those "boutique" blankets that doesn't have a brand or label, but it DOES have a UPC code on the tag. So we'll see if I can track another one down. Wish me luck!

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. I think Spring might actually be finally "springing" here in freaking cold Wisconsin! Woo!


Aimee said...

I had two Linuses. Just wait until your baby is almost three and still dragging that blanket around. I loved that they had something soft and warm that gave comfort, but it really was scary looking at the three year mark. The satin trim started falling off, the fabric wore through, the color faded. At one point I sewed the trim back on, but Whitney quickly picked up on the different thread and stitch style--she complained whole-heartedly. Andrea had to give up her blanket when it got lost when a hotel maid must have taken it with the towels? And Whitney, at age 6, decided on her own she could put it away. Good luck in your search for a second. Believe me, the time will come again and again when you'll wish you had one or two spares. But it wouldn't surprise me if the baby knows you've brought in a new one. They have this weird sixth sense on that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

I had (and still have) 4 Linuses. My eldest son (age 15) and my eldest daughter (age 13) still keep their blankets (we call them wooby)tucked safely in their pillow cases. Needless to say, they're faded, full of holes and threadbare, but they all still have them.

I've done many wooby switches in my day. Just make certain you don't wash it to death because a new one isn't quite the same. Or you might want to buy an indentical one now just in case.

Lara said...

I have hubby working on it now. We are going to buy two, if we can find them. It's a chenille knit, so you know it won't last long...


Michelle Miles said...

AWWWW.. Mine has "Blankie" too and he's 6. He doesn't drag it around with him but he still DOES sleep with it. And I'm going to let him for as long as he wants. haha

I hope you find another one!

Anonymous said...

The extreme attachment is a genetic throwback to his Grandmother.

Mom :-)

wfbdoglover said...

What a cute story!! At 10, my son still sleeps with a Tigger. Tigger doesn't have any stripes anymore he has been washed so many times. In fact, my son will say when "Tigger needs a bath".

Make sure you save this story for Thing Four to hear about when he gets older.

Anonymous said...

My 27 (almost 28) year old blanket is tucked into the bottom drawer of my dresser.I don't sleep with it, but I know where it is. Nuff said. :D