Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And, Maybe Not...

Status: Tired. Okay, when am I *not* tired? Seriously? I think I will spend at least half of my natural life tired. Until my kids leave the house. And then I'll be tired from all the sleepless nights worrying about them, out in the wide world. So, yeah, I'm tired.

Soccer practices were supposed to start today. But apparently we're getting a good storm passing through. So, maybe not. Which is interesting-- since all their first games are Saturday, and they haven't even had a practice in, yet. But the waterlogged fields are actually LAKES from all the melted snow. Can't play soccer in a lake. A little mud, yes, but a lake, no. Lakes are for waterskiing and boating. Not soccer.

Today is Hubby's birthday. I already ran to Target and got some fun things for him. I made a super AWESOME picture frame for his work, and I'm printing a pic of the kids for him that I took at Easter. So he can have a nice picture for his desk. And of course he'll get balloons at work. So now I'm off to bake a cake, which will be semi-torture because I'm on a new diet that cuts out all sugar and white flour (and GUESS what a cake is made of? WAH!) and clean the house.

I need to wake up. I've been depending heavily on Cherry Coke Zero. I think I might be addicted to that stuff. I hate the taste of diet, and so what do the minions at Coke do? Make a diet that tastes only "sorta" diet. Minions. They know I'll crave it and want it all the time.

And of course I need it, because I'm tired. Bad Lara.


Aimee said...

No sugar? No white flour? What else is left in the world to make a tasty treat? We're having friends over for dinner on Sunday and the husband was just diagnosed with Diabetes (partly from being overweight). Anyway, I want to have a dessert but he's not doing sugar or white flour. Is there anything besides fruit? Do tell. I'm sure you've figured out something!

Lara said...

I'm just not partaking. I will bake the cake, and frost it, and it will be glorious to behold, but NOT FOR ME.

:-( I am hoping the willpower will stay with me through the toasted almond fudge icecream...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your husband! Many happy returns.

I used to drink a lot of Powerade to keep going, but there's too much sugar in it for me.

I use (other than coffee, which I CANNOT drink all day): black tea or chocolate milk or cranberry juice.

Cranberry juice actually gives me the most zip.

I drink soda maybe once every three months.