Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let the Chaos Begin...

Status: Just a little busy...

Okay, it's supposed to be nearly 70 degrees today. THAT SUCKS!!! Why does it suck? Think about it. At 70 degrees, my tulips and shrubs will be tricked into thinking "Oh, we can poke up and start blooming now...whoopee!" and THEN, tomorrow or the next day it will be 22 degrees again and everything will be murdered by the cold and frost.

You see my logic? Spoken like a true, bitter Wisconsinite.

Eh. But Soccer officially starts today. I've gotten a flood of emails, mostly tentative and in the vein of "It looks like Mother Nature is cutting us a break, so we're having practice today," etc. etc.. My kids are so excited it's palpable. You can cut the excitement with a knife. They've been waiting for this for...well...a LONG time.

I have armed myself (and stocked my car) with drinks, snacks, first aid kit, soccer balls, blankets and nylon folding chairs. We are READY. Let Soccer Season begin!!!

Okay, so I drove to FOUR TJ Maxx's yesterday, and wasted an entire tank of gasoline. I didn't find the baby's identical blanket (well, I did, but of course it was PINK only) but I found one that was just a tad lighter, more of a "cable" chenille knit, but it passed the "cuddle" test. He loved it. So I bought four of them. No, it's really not excessive. They'll be in shreds by the time he's three. I'm going to rotate them.

Time to eat breakfast! Poor Thing One. She's got a busy day. Book club after school until 5pm, then soccer practice from 5:30 to 6:30, then Church activities from 7-8 (6:30 to 7 we'll be DRIVING to the church which is literally in B.F.E) and she'll be collapsing into bed at 9pm. She'll be a cranky little toerag if I don't put her to bed immediately when we get home.

But don't worry about me. I just have visiting teaching, swimming lessons, book club pickup, two soccer practices and church activities and Cub Scouts tonight. A light day, if you will.



Michelle Miles said...

I think I'm exhausted for you. ;)

Lowa said...

Just wondering if you survived!?!?

Aren't you glad Thing Two opted not to play soccer?? LOL

Lynn Sinclair said...

Your to-do list sure beats mine. Enjoy!