Thursday, April 17, 2008


Status: Feeling Mellow. Surfing the Chaos.

I've come to the realization that my house is in a constant state of chaos. Good chaos, but chaos just the same. When I wake the kiddos up in the morning, it's a chaotic flurry of eating breakfast, getting dressed, getting told to get something else on that actually matches, getting re-dressed, shuffling papers and backpacks and lunches and jackets, and then WHOOSH, off to the schoolbus stop they go.

Then the day is pretty quiet for the next seven and a half hours, because it's just me and the baby. Unless, of course, I have to rush around, and THEN, it's chaos.

Then the kids come home from school, and HOLY CHAOS. They're all talking at once to tell me about their day (or tattling on each other: "Mom, guess what so-and-so did on the bus!") and simultaneously mauling the baby with kisses and hugs and there's a rush to get snacks and get papers out of backpacks and check assignment notebooks and do homework.

Then I start yelling for them to get all their crap out of the mud room and hang it up, pick up their school stuff, put their shoes and jackets away, yadda yadda yadda. THEN there's the mad rush to get soccer gear on ("WHY CAN'T YOU PUT YOUR CLEATS WHERE THEY BELONG!!! START LOOKING FOR THEM!!!" And to another kid: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN ONLY FIND 'ONE' SHIN GUARD???!!! IF YOU MAKE US LATE FOR PRACTICE, SO HELP ME...")

THEN it's a rush to get them to practice, and a rush to get stuff done WHILE they're at practice, and then a rush to collect them and take them home. WHEW. Luckily, things get pretty quiet after that. Dinnner is usually nice and quiet. But don't get me started on Bedtime Chaos.

And don't get me started on how much I'll miss it someday when I have an empty house.



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Michelle Miles said...

AWWWW... Aren't kids grand? They make you crazy but it's all worthwhile. :)

Anonymous said...

Great Lara, now mom and dad are going to give me the "oh, it's going to be soo nice to have more grandkids soon" routine.


-sis :)

Lara said...

A bit paranoid, are we??


Anonymous said...

No, Cass is right on! :-)))


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wfbdoglover said...

HOLY CHAOS - that was hysterical! I only have one and can only imagine the chaos with four!

Lucky you to have a mud room. Not sure of the size of it, but do you have room to build a cubby for everyone... kinda like the old kindergarden days?

A spot up top for hats, mittens and shin guards. A hook or two for everyone to have a coat of some sort. A hook below that to hang the back pack and then a shelf below that for boots - the level above for a pair of gym and soccer shoes.

Where the back pack is hung, you can easily pull what you need in and out 1, 2, 3 so you have easy access.

Just a thought..