Monday, April 07, 2008


Status: Feeling pretty good! The sun is out!

Had a quiet weekend. The baby's cold is getting a little better--although I went to get him from a nap yesterday and he had a big green booger in his pincher fingers and was playing with it like it was the coolest toy in the world. Sort of like how a kid plays with silly putty. He must have thought it was really cool that he'd pulled it from his own nose. And he smiled when he saw me and of course, held it out to give to me.


I have a sad confession to make. I had my first three kids SO close together, I was in a constant Harried state, and was so busy waiting on them and taking care of them and keeping them from getting into everything and accidentally killing themselves and feeding them and changing them and yadda yadda yadda, I never really got to enjoy them as much. Is that terrible?

With this baby, I can actually enjoy all of his little accomplishments and phases. I see his big blue eyes light up when he sees someone he loves, and he stretches out his arms and wiggles his little fat fingers--I see him make conscious choices when he peruses his toy box and finds a toy, I see him starting to whisper words like "ball" and "dog" when he sees them. I love playing with his chubby thighs and zerberting his tummy, and listening to him giggle when I tickle him. Babies are just so...enjoyable. I guess when you have them "one at a time" they can be!

This is just a sad post. I am sad because I missed out on those little "sigh" moments with the others. I didn't get to enjoy them as much as Thing Four. I worked 60-hour workweeks with the first two, and even though I got to stay home with the third one, I was always running, trying to keep the other two in check. Sure, I had my "moments" but I never got to S-L-O-W down and truly "enjoy" them.

And I thought of getting older (my birthday is next month, and hubby's is this month, and we're getting "up there") and I thought how sad I will be when the babies are gone. I love my kiddos, but there's nothing like a bouncy baby. They're just...FUN!

On a different note--I have ants in my pants. I want Spring to be HERE!!!

Soccer starts tomorrow, and this time around, we only have two kids in soccer. And as Providence would have it, they both have practices on identical days of the week, at the SAME time. Do you know how wonderful that is??? No more running and dropping one kid off, then RUSHINGLIKEMAD to the next field and dropping the other kid off, then waiting for half an hour and taking the third kid back to the first field, then rushing to pick up the other one, then the next one,and so on, FOUR days a week.

This time it's two days a week, same times, same field, and games on Saturdays. My only complaint this time around is it seems Thing Three has EVERY single game at 8am. Which means to coordinate with the baby and breakfast and all that jazz we'll be up at 6am every Saturday morning.

Oh well, all in the name of sports. Thing Two opted not to do soccer. It just isn't his "thing." We're letting him do Tennis and swimming instead.

Time to get going...happy Monday!


Michelle Miles said...

I think as we get older, too, we can appreciate our kids more. By that I mean, enjoy them more. We have more patience than when we're younger. I don't think that's bad at all that you're enjoying your little one. That's wonderful.

And yeah...I'm feeling the pinch on the upcoming birthday month, too. I don't wanna get another year older. Isn't it funny? When we were under the age of 20, we couldn't WAIT to get older. Birthdays were a fun thing and something to look forwrd to. Now, I dread them.

Michelle Miles said...

PS - forgot to add this. When your kids are grown and gone... you'll have more babies to look forward to - grandbabies! (Okay, did I make you feel REALLY old just then? hahaha)

Aimee said...

We've spent the past few weeks copying our old home videos from tapes onto DVDs. It has been such a blast watching the girls when they're so little. (I wish I had something like that of ME!). It is amazing how quickly they grow, but for me, I'm LOVING them and ENJOYING them even more now that they're mini adults. Sure, babies are cute. But I love the deeper discussions you can have only with a tween. I know I'm nearing the closing of the childhood window before they become full-blown teenagers, but I'm confident we'll find ways to enjoy the mood swings too. Your friend Michelle is right, grandbabies are going to be fun. All the happy days with none of the sleepless nights.