Saturday, April 26, 2008


Status: Freezing my bits off. It's COLD!!!

Thank you for all the kind and helpful comments about my "nagging" post. Sometimes I just post out of frustration. I feel like a hamster on a wheel with my kids sometimes...I run and run and don't get anywhere. Apparently I'm not alone. :-)

Soccer games were all cancelled today. It rained and stormed all day yesterday, and we were under TORNADO warnings for Pete's sake. And it stormed all night. Today the wind was so cold (and so strong) it nearly blew my big tank of a car off the freeway.

We just planned Thing Two's birthday. It's going to be at a popular party venue, and I am happy to let the "party people" take care of it. 13 kids at once is NOT my idea of fun. Since he shares his birthday with his baby brother, we'll celebrate the next day for the baby, who will be one year old! *sniff* I can't believe my baby will be one! He's growing up so fast!

I have done parties at my own house, and aftewards I wanted to take a long vacation. So we're letting the "professionals" do what they do best. I've got enough on my plate as it is.

I hope it warms up again--apparently we could get SNOW on Tuesday--can I tell you all how thrilling that sounds?

Yeah, I'm being a smart A**.

Have a good weekend everyone!


wfbdoglover said...

we did community clean up yesterday in that WIND... I had to put detangler on my hair to get all the knots out!! It WAS windy!!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day to Thing Two.

And stay warm and safe.

Anonymous said...

I'm delighted you're handing it over to party pros. You earned the break!