Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dumb Bird?

Status: Stuffed Up, Achy and 1000% GRUMPY.

There just aren't enough hours in a day. Especially with my ADD/Shotgun methods of doing things. I swear I CREATE work for myself. Monday I spent seven hours in the freezing cold cleaning out my garage. I looked like Neanderthal Woman when I emerged from that mess. My hair was dusty and dirty and mangled from the wind, I was filthy from cleaning and removing an entire winter of dirt and grime, and I was BUTT tired.

And I caught a cold the next day. Go figure. Then I did the guest room. I am very anal with my decorating. Gone was the R.L. deco I'd had in my master bedroom for ten years. Before we moved back from Denver, I'd invested a tidy amount re-doing the Guest bedroom in Waverly. Curtains, Bed, furniture, etc.
I dug it all out of storage and re-did the guest room. That was all day yesterday. Plus I had to fit soccer and trips to the grocery store in there. And OF COURSE the local Target only had two of the four panels I needed for the windows and I had to drive to the Target that was FARTHEST FROM MY HOUSE YET STILL IN THE STATE OF WISCONSIN.

Why do I put myself through all this? There's a pride factor I guess. But also, it's about time I did it. The whole "showing" thing is just the catalyst.

Okay, we've had the WEIRDEST thing happen for the last three weeks. There's this beautiful bird, with a gray body, and salmon pink wings and a salmon pink beak, who, every morning, sits in the Burning Bush by our basement window (yes the same window the Turkeys and Deer love to hang out by) and he acts very strangely--he keeps trying to fly at our window, and he keeps knocking into it, falling down, getting back up, and flying up onto the bush, peering in the window, flying at it, knocking himself down, and getting back up...over and over and over. He does this at all times during the day. He's infatigueable. He just keeps doing it over and over.

I've concluded that A) He's the dumbest bird known to Man, or B) He's fallen in love with our house and wants to mate with it or C) he sees his REFLECTION in the window and wants to mate with himself or D) he was a former enemy who did one of us wrong in a past life and he REALLY wants to get in and apologize. Thing One is entertaining the possiblility that he was a formerly "owned" bird and he wants to "get back in the house" but I don't think so--he wouldn't have survived in the wild for so long, would he?

Who knows. Here I am typing, and I keep hearing these little thuds--because "Beakey" is at it right now. He's peeking in the window and trying to get in. One of these days he's going to knock himself clean out. Birdbrain.

I think I'll make a little bird feeder for him and put peanut butter and sunflower seeds on it. It's the least I can do. Crazy bird.

Well, off to the races I go. Speaking of racing--I hate the bored policemen around here. They park themselves RIGHT in the concealed part of the 25-MPH road that leads to the soccer fields, because they KNOW all the crazed moms are going to be pulling 40+MPH to get their kids to their practices on time. Crazed moms like me. I got a $#&*&*!! ticket. My first in ten years.

Dang it.


Michelle Miles said...

What a crazy bird! I wonder what it is... maybe he is in love with his reflection. hehe

I'm so sorry you got a ticket! :/

Jennifer said...

If it makes you feel any better, I recently got a ticket on a road I always warn out of town visitors about--cops LUrk there. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

For a few days, if you put up a piece of butcher paper (or a brown paper bag) in the window where he keeps thudding, he'll stop. Not the prettiest solution, but hey, your windows are so sparkling clean he can see himself, or at least he can see he wants in -- if you cut the option, he may stop.

Little narcissist! (The bird, not you).

Great idea, to give him a feeder.

wfbdoglover said...

Interesting bird.... maybe put a cut of of a bird in the window, or the paper like DE said.

Anonymous said...

LOL on your bird woes. We have a bird that does that, too. Every year. Like Clockworks.

Oh, you reminded me that the hummingbird feeder needs more food....

Hugs on the ticket.