Thursday, May 01, 2008

Smart Bird???

Okay, Devon, I tried the butcher paper. Small Problem. We have windows all the way around our basement--he just went over to the one on the right. He's "thunking" against it right now!! Ha ha! So maybe he's a "smart" stupid bird???


Happy May 1st everyone! Ohmygosh I'd better get Thing Two's birthday party invitations out. And pay bills. And get going on the laundry. But first I have to run to the cleaners and buy paint. The drywall guy is coming over today and after he fixes the cracks--I am going to smile and bat my eyelashes and offer up the paint can. Okay, I'm kidding about the eyelashes thing. Maybe I can pull the "I'm-Crazy-Busy-off-my-butt-and-if-you-don't-help-Me-I'll-slash-all-the-tires-on-your-truck" tack...we'll see.

Oh and I have to mow the lawn. I'd better get to that--since it's going to RAIN the next few days. Supposedly. Hubby might dash down to Idaho because his mother isn't doing so hot. Which means I get to do the lawn before it starts looking like The Amazon.

As for Hubby's mother--you know how they say "attitude is everything?" Well apparently her attitude isn't that great. Last night she was "bidding farewell" to her husband and telling everyone she'd had a good life. Luckily her son and his wife came over and told her to get her butt out of bed and take 20 steps. The more steps she takes, the faster she can get out of the hospital. The surgery went fine--she just needs to have the right attitude to recover. :-)

*American Idol Spoilers ahead!!!***

Okay, I was sad to see Brooke go. She wasn't the best talent in the program, but she was genuinely sweet and good. I was SEETHING that Jason Castro didn't get kicked off--he's never been serious about this competition from day one--and his "beaming" act during Brooke's messy exit song last night lost respect points for me. So it's down to three. I do like David Cook. Although his "whew I'm safe" reaction every week is getting old. Of course Drama Club Fetus Archaleta (or whatever his name is) has ceased to be "cute" for me too. All his songs sound the same. I'm rooting for Sayesha!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Okay, I'm mad at Hubby for watching AI. It sucks you in.....otherwise, I scoff at all other reality TV. IT's not "real" anymore.

Back to the races!


Anonymous said...

The bird has obviously decided he's moving in. You'll find him on the kitchen counter one of these days.

Michelle Miles said...

LOL @ the bird!

okay- I missed AI this week because I was immersed in hockey but I did hear that Brooke was super emotional about going home and I feel bad for her. She's SO SWEET. I'm pulling for David Cook becuase he's the only want that has the talent and can win. Jason Castro is a cutie but he can only sing one type of song. And I've had with the David Archuletta. And Syesha is a Diva! BUH-BYE!

Okay sorry. Rant over. hahaha