Monday, April 28, 2008

Dashing Through the ...RAIN...

Status: Busy but good.

I am dashing. I've already been to the cleaners and the store and filled up my gas tank (ouch) now I'm cleaning out my garage and getting the trash out (my kids do the little stuff, I do the big stuff) and then it's off to do laundry and the guest room. Not a whole lot of "blog" to this blog unfortunately. And it is going to rain soon---the sky looks like it wants to dump about a trazillion gallons on us already. At least I got my "running around" done beforehand. Now I can stay home and focus on the inside of the house.

My builder called and wants to bring people through the house on Monday the 5th, and I said he could. (This used to be the model, and it's one of his unique designs, apparently.) So I need to get the house SHOW clean. It's good for me, because the house needs a deep-down clean. So I've mapped out what I'll get done every day this week. Today is the Guest Room, which has become a catch-all again. I can't help it. I've got JUNK that needs a place! The Guest room is always so tempting, sitting there all emtpy and ready to "fill up" with stuff. Heh heh.

My MIL is having delicate back surgery this morning. We're nervous and hoping for the best. She's in surgery right now. I'm confident things will be okay, but you never know with spines and vertebrae. They're touchy.

OH!!! The baby has fallen asleep on the floor. I'd better pick him up and put him in his crib!


Anonymous said...

Motivation for a deep clean is always good. And it seems to be the season.

Hugs to your mil. Hope all goes well with her surgery.

Isn't there a saying, "Let sleeping babies lie...?"

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you mil.

Um, excuse me? You BOUGHT the house. The builder wants to tramp people through it, he can pay for maid service before they come.

You are far more generous than I am.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Devon!


Michelle Miles said...

I hope your MIL is doing well!!

Good luck with that showing.

Lara said...

Well, he IS having people come and fill in any cracks in drywall, tile and paint before they come. Otherwise it's stuff we would have to pay for on our own...


Lynn Sinclair said...

Great incentive to clean, but I do like Devon's idea. If the builder will do that, then I'd invite him and his friends back every spring.