Thursday, January 31, 2008

And It Continues...

Status: Disgusted. Why do I still have clothes I wore in college?

So in my "Dejunking Of The House" I have now moved to the Master bedroom closet. The closet I share with Hubby, which is unfortunate. In Denver, we each had our own walk-in closets, and his stuff never infringed on my stuff, and vice-versa.

Well, since between the two of us we have enough clothing to outfit a small village in France, SHARING a closet has been nearly impossible. I have been forced to rotate the clothes. When it's winter, all the summer clothes reside in the spare bedroom closet. The, as it warms up, I rotate the winter clothes out and replace them with warm weather clothes.

It's like moving a couple of elephants.

Seriously. I have PILES UPON PILES of folded sweaters (I'm the guilty one, I can't bear to part with a cute sweater if it isn't worn looking) and piles and piles of jeans (except for Hubby's core "Lucky" and "Seven" jeans, which stay in the closet year round) and it takes about 93 trips back and forth to rotate the damn closet!

So, I'm going through AGAIN, with big black trash bags, and getting rid of clothes. I don't get it. Every time I go through our clothes, I get ride of 2-3 black trash bags full, and YET, we still have a mammoth amount of clothing. What is the deal? It's not like we buy a whole ton. Well, Hubby sort of does, but that's because he's in the Fashion Industry. He has to look a certain way at work and project a certain image. I am happy in Target Clothes. Seriously. I LURVE Target clothes. Hmmm, maybe I buy too many of those?

So, anyway, I'm sort of grumpy today because I have to tackle the closet. Going to Hawaii sort of messed things up because I had to pack clothes for both climates, and so I have to now take the clean clothes and feed them back into the already packed closets.

It never ends.

At least it warmed up today. Yesterday turned out a little crazy. The kids opted for the first three Harry Potter movies, and then they decided they wanted to make Marauder's Maps. I searched online and found a really cool template to print out on parchment paper to make a real-looking Marauder's Map, and of course I had to make it three times because they each needed their own, but that kept them entertained most of the afternoon.

Now it's quiet and it's just me and the baby. Hopefully he'll let me get some stuff done today!

Oh, and to answer my own question: I have clothes I wore in college because DON'T WORRY, I'm convinced that some day they'll be "cool" again and I will be glad I kept them!

I think.


Michelle Miles said...

ROFL ... take them to Good-Will, girl!

Lynn Sinclair said...

I love the feeling of tossing out stuff--kind of clears my mind. In fact, I'm envious that you have so much to get rid of.

Good rule--when you bring something new in, take something old out. You can start with those college clothes. They'll never be cool again, though I am impressed that you still fit into them. :)

And if I were you, I'd make the spare bedroom my dressing room--I'd keep the current season's clothes in there.