Monday, January 07, 2008


Status: A little sad. Hey, I am entitled!

So I'm doing the one thing I do every January that makes me sad: taking down all the Christmas stuff. The trees, the wreaths, the wall stuff, the garland and changing out the candles from red and green to brown and cream, changing all the towels back, packing up the knick-knacks and generally DE-cheering the house. And it always seems to be a gloomy overcast day, when I do this.

Like today. Foggy, dark, gloomy. But hey, it was 50 degrees yesterday and all the snow melted! It's currently raining. Apparently it will rain through Wednesday and we'll get some colder temps and snow again. But for now, it's all soggy outside, and no ice and snow. I'll take it.

But I've already removed the garland and lights from the bannisters, and they are all boring and bare now. There's always this feeling of profound sadness and emptiness when I take down the Holiday stuff--and I feel like I need to "decorate" or at least do something to make up for all the decorations I'm taking down. I put clear lights in my fica trees, so that I'll still have something cheery at night. Little things like that help. It can get pretty gloomy during these cold winter months.

Lots to do today, it being a Monday. I have to run to Sam's Club and stock up on stuff (namely diapers and formula, EEEK $$$!) and run here and there. So I will regale you with a funny tale from our Hawaii trip on tomorrow's blog. The title? INDIANA LARA POOPY PANTS. Yes, that's the title. If that doesn't entice you to read tomorrow's blog, I don't know what will. And yes, this is NOT a name I gave myself. It was a name given to me by my husband, brother in law and his wife. Indiana Lara Poopy Pants.

I bet you can't wait... :-)


Anonymous said...

Dan and I took down everything 4 days after Christmas. When we were done, I too got that little pang of "wow, it's so bare in here!" And since my main decorating colors are blues and greens, it gave it a very empty feeling. Good idea with the Ficus though, I think that too would help alleviate my "no longer Christmas" doldrums. Can't wait to read tomorrow's blog, any chance to hear a story about you doing something funny AND getting a greeeat nickname from your hubby is always a highlight(snicker).

-sis (aka:Assie-kay)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I am definitely intrigued.

Michelle Miles said...

I don't like taking down the Christmas stuff either. It IS sad.

And WOO.. I can't wait for tomorrow's post... :)

Colin said...

I was glad to get the tree down so I can start looking forward to next yeer :-D

Lowa said...

Still don't have the tree or anything down. Will get to it at some point. I love the twinkly lights still:)

Can't wait to read tomorrow's post!

PS-patiently waiting for the e-mail you promised me:) I know you are busy, I owe a lot of people e-mails so I know what it is like:)It's the four kids thing, right?? :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, taking down the decorations does always bring some sadness, doesn't it?

I take stuff down on Twelfth Night. Normally, I would decorate for Carnivale/Mardi Gras, but with everything in flux, I'm not this year.