Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Status: Multi-tasking. Sitting at the computer blogging while alternately yelling at the kids to hurry up and get into their snow gear because the bus will be here ANY second. Oh, and keeping a baby with MASSIVE TOY ADD entertained. For my next act, I will juggle steaknives...

Didn't get any editing done on the ms yesterday, but spent a good two hours on research. I'm trying to figure out if one could feasibly hide a treasure in Buckland Abbey. Of course, it would be easier if I could just jump on a plane and VISIT Buckland Abbey to figure it out personally, but money, time and responsibilities are just in the way.

Bah. Anyway, I got away on a Paleography tangent because I can't read some of those Tudor-era documents. It doesn't help that they were written in sloppy script and everything was spelled phonetically. But DANG I thought "I" had bad handwriting!

ANYWAY, got the Perpetually Messy Guest Room fit for guests. Now it's sitting there pristine and perfect, and do we actually HAVE ANY GUESTS??? Heck no. I need to go dump something in it. I have to admit, the Guest room is GREAT as a catch-all.

It's freaking cold. The high yesterday was 19, and with windchill it was toodamncoldtomeasure. And it's going to get colder. This is where my heating bill climbs into Astronomical Amount territory.

Time to get going! I plan to give the research a rest and do edits today. I was reading a friend's ms yesterday and it got me in the mood to get going again!



Michelle Miles said...

We're supposed to get a cold blast tomorrow, so I bought lots of firewood. I'm going to keep a fire going and hopefully I won't have to run the heat much! Since it's just me this week, (well, and the cat) I probabably won't.

I'm in the mood to write, too!

Anonymous said...

Are the Abbey's blueprints online? You could check it that way?

Or just ask the director of the site if there's a feasible place to stash a treasure.

Remember, castle walls tend to be at least 2 feet thick, often thicker, so setting something within them is a possibility.

Today's post about research (written last night, but just posted) ties in to this post and your email. (Not the rant against Microsoft, but further down -- and apologies to you in advance for swearing -- but those were the words that best described what I had to say).

Great minds, and all that.

Anonymous said...

PS Even though there wouldn't be blueprints from the time, most historical sites have had surveys/blueprints created in the past 50 years or so.