Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Status: MUCH better. My lungs don't sound "possessed" today. The Zithromax must be kicking in. ;-)

I was a grump yesterday. Being sick always hinders my ability to get things done. Granted, I am not someone who has to be constantly on the go, I just happen to be, because of my main profession: Mom To Four Kids. It gets a tad busy. But that's not my only hat. I've recently realized I wear a LOT of hats. Most women these days do. We are wives, mothers, sisters, grandmothers. But we're also financial gurus, household food managers, housekeepers, chefs, chauffers, cheerleaders, nurses, comforters, and that's only a start. Children are optional, too. You don't have to be a mother to wear a lot of hats. We have to be pretty dynamic these days. A lot of is expected of us, as women.

Are we up to the challenge? ;-)

I got some edits done. As I was lamenting to a writer buddy, if I can check email and surf the web, heck be danged I can sure EDIT my story! So I sat myself down and did. It's nice to be in Sophie's world again. Although she's really struggling with some hefty emotions right now. She's already lost her father, and now, someone else close to her is threatening to meet their demise, and I need to try and feel her pain, in order to portray it accurately. I've been lucky, and no one close to me has died yet. I can't even imagine how that feels. I know one day I will experience it, but hopefully that day won't be any time soon.

I broke down and went to the store yesterday--we were down to one gallon of milk and we're supposed to get the NASTY MOMMA STORM OF ALL STORMS this afternoon. Snow, wind gusts in the 60mph range (they're predicting Whiteout conditions) and windchill of twenty to THIRTY BELOW ZERO. I plan on having lots of hot cocoa on hand!

Time to go put on the Bathroom Cleaner/Sanitizer hat. I make the kids clean their own bathrooms, but *I* get to clean mine. Fun fun fun.


Anonymous said...

Losing someone close to you feels like an enormous weight crushing your chest so you can't breathe. It feels like everything around you is collapsing, like it's the worst kind of night and the sun will never return. And then, when you have a few minutes and "forget", you expect that person to come walking in the room again to light it up, and it suddenly hits you like a swing with a baseball bat that the person will never walk into the room and smile at you again.

Michelle Miles said...

Yeah, I wear a lot of those hats too. :)

Losing someone just plain sucks. I don't think you every truly stop missing them.