Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And it's STILL Cold...

Status: Freaked out. Stressed. Basically the norm...oh, and it's STILL freaking freezing!

Okay, so I LOVE my nifty little breakfast sandwich maker. It's like an over-sexed toaster. You stick the English muffins (crumpets to you anglophiles) in the toaster part, and a raw egg in the side holder, topped off with ham or a piece of bacon in the nifty holder above it, press a button, and three minutes later, voila--you have a breakfast sandwich! You just have to slap it all together and add a slice of cheese. Yummy. I think they sell them in bulk at Walmart right now. It's a "hot" item. Definitely a healthier alternative to the Egg McMuffin, which my kids LOVE. (I just don't love all the fat and grease and nastiness that's in those things.)

So, bravo Breakfast Sandwich Maker!

Got some pages edited yesterday. I'll change the status bar asap. I am trying to decide whether or not to add a key scene in. I cut it out to save on word count, but I've cut out other places, and it's my favorite scene in the ENTIRE novel, so I am trying to find a way to sneak it back in. I need to have my Trusty Reader give it a whirl and tell me if she thinks it fits the story.

Kids had a half day yesterday, I was bad and let Thing One babysit the baby so I could do things I wanted. But I needed the break. The baby is going through my favorite phase EVER: the "If-Mommy-Leaves-My-Line-of-Sight-I-Freak-Out-And-Cry" phase. Yep. My absolute favorite. So, if I don't have him right next to me (velcro baby anyone?) he is very very sad. Eight month olds! :-)

So, yes, I'm freaked out and stressed. I'll divulge at a later date. For now I need to focus on the de-junking of my house and the editing of my novel. It will keep me sane.

Or at least some semblance of it. When is a stay-home mom EVER truly sane??? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hang in there.

And there's nothing wrong with taking a break and having oldest watch the baby. You've earned it, and that's part of being an older sibling -- looking after the younger ones.

Michelle Miles said...

Stay calm. :) I think being insane and a mom is really situation normal, though. Right? hahah