Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Postum and Pancakes.

Status: Feeling warm and cozy. Howl all you want, wind!

It's currently 35 below zero, with windchill. THIRTY FIVE BELOW ZERO. Even the most hearty and rugged of Wisconsinites can't deny it--that's just WRONG. Too cold for normal humans. Even Wisconsin humans. Eh? ;-)

Schools are all cancelled, and I've got the kids home with me. They, of course, are ecstatic, because since they completed all their homework yesterday, they get to play on the computer and Wii today. And I'm making pancakes. I try and make them healthy. I put in in one cup of whole-wheat pancake mix, to two cups buttermilk mix. So they're heartier and stick-to-your-ribs. Even Hubby can only manage three of my wheat combo pancakes.

I'll be drinking lots of Postum today, too. Maybe it's psychological, but Postum really rocks on days like this. The kids are going to groan at me, but we're going to do some dusting and vacuuming today, instead of the usual Friday. At least their rooms are clean and their beds made. But I've got lots of laundry to wash and fold. Let me tell you there's nothing funnier than watching 8 and 7-year old boys figure out how to fold laundry. Well, since my 7-year old is anal like his dad, he folds everything methodically and perfectly. But my 8-year old---hilarious. Even after I've shown him like, FIVE times. He still doesn't get it.

Practice Makes Progress!

Apparently they did away with the old "Practice makes Perfect" saying, because Perfection is too high an ideal to strive for, and kids were ending up with frayed nerves and ulcers. So, "Practice makes Progress" is less intimidating. I guess...

I usually take the kids to Half-Price Books on a Snow day, but since they could potentially get frostbite just running to the car, I will pass. Movies, anyone? They are determined to have a marathon. So which should it be?

All the Indiana Jones Movies
Star Wars 4-6 (The original ones)
Shrek I, II & III

I've already vetoed all five Harry Potter movies, because they would be watching TV into the night. So we'll figure it out.

Keep warm, everyone!


Anonymous said...

35 below 0? Good God! Watch out for snotsicles and stay warm. I'd hate to have your heating bill next month.

Anonymous said...

Your pancakes sound yummy.

I'm so sick of these stupid psychobabbologists -- one SHOULD strive for perfection, because if you strive for mediocrity, you get even less than that.

Sorry it's so cold there. Glad they were smart enough to cancel school.

Colin said...

Normally I'd plump for Star Wars, but having recently been given the Indie trilogy as a present and watched them again, I'd go for those. They make such excellent family viewing!

Michelle Miles said...

BRR!! I would freeze to death. LOL Your pancakes do sound yum. I may have to get your recipe. :)

My vote is Indy! Because, well, you know why. hehehehe

Stay warm!

Lowa said...

In the prairies where I grew up, it was minus 51 yesterday I was told. WITHOUT the wind chill. That is pretty cold even for there. When I was a kid, it averaged minus 30 or so during the day for weeks on end and we actually played outside in that:) LOL

I have had frostbite and it is NOT FUN. Good plan to stay in today.

I would say Star Wars, but that is just cause I have not seen them in so long, so it sounds good!

Your panackes sound yummy. I have never used a mix, maybe I should try it.

My 8 year old son folds much neater than his 15 and 12 year old brothers! He also writes neater...does pretty much everything neater. He is a born perfectionist and that is great except when he is too hard on himself and won't listen to reason.

Have a great day inside with your kiddos!