Monday, January 14, 2008

Running Running Running

Status: About 1 Million MPH. Running!

I am ON a MISSION to get this house de-junked and organized. Maybe it's "new year" cleaning or "mid winter blahs" organizing, but I am throwing crap out by the landfill-full. Seriously.

I think the kids are done being "actively" sick, now they just have the CRUD that remains. You know, the kind where they cough up a lung and throwup. Hack hack cough. Niiiiice.

I got few pages edited this weekend, but I will definitely get a bunch this week. I want to be DONE! Only 75 pages to go! I can do it!

Now I have to go pick up all 72343 toys Thing Four has thrown down on the floor from his high chair. The Stinker.

Have a Happy Monday!


Michelle Miles said...

LOL I love babies!!!

I did the very same thing this year - de-junking. I think it's good to start the year off CLEAN. haha

Lynn Sinclair said...

Love de-cluttering and de-junking, though it would be so much easier if I lived alone. :)