Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Having a Human Day.

Status: Agitated. My challenge-child was particularaly CHALLENGING this morning...grrrrr....

Please tell me I'm not alone in this: you lose your temper at your kids and shout something at them and the little warning bell goes off in your head that says: "Okay, you shouldn't have said that. But you did. You're bad."

That was me this morning. Thing Two drives me...well, nuts. He's my lazy/forgetful/obstinate child. The one I have to tell 934562 times to get out of bed. Then I have to tell him 2937 times to stop laying on the floor and come to the table to eat breakfast. Then, I finally (30 minutes later) tell him to stop playing around and eat his cereal for the TENTH time.
Then I have to tell him 21 times to get dressed, and if I don't stay on top of his head over it, he would piddlyfart in his room and still be in his PJ's when the bus rolls down the street. I have to tell him 56 times to put his homework, lunch, etc. into his backpack. I have to tell him to get into his snow gear 87 times. (and of course, every time I tell him to do something, I get more and more annoyed and louder and louder)

When he finally leaves for school I am beyond annoyed, in a foul mood, and ready to strangle innocent bystanders. EVERY morning is like this. EVERY morning is a challenge.

Yeah, I'm ranting, but it's amazing how one kid can ruin every single morning, every single day. Oh well. At least I only have one "challenge" kid, and not four. The other three are generally fine. They are responsible, and do as I say. Well, not the baby, but you get the idea. UGH!!!

I pray for patience, and what do I get? CHALLENGES TO MY PATIENCE. And I fail sometimes. Miserably. I am only human.

We got 12 inches of snow yesterday, it snowed well into the night. It's pretty, but I'm officially sick of snow. It can leave now. At least the sun is out!
I am making excellent progress in my De-junking/Cleaning/Organizing Event. Sure, it's slow, and trust me, Goodwill is going to LOVE me by the time I'm done, but it will be less "junky" in storage and our closets won't be so packed.

Hubby finally went back to work. He's been sick, and he's still not better, but four days off did him a world of good. He actually...relaxed. I don't think he's done that since, about 1996.

I have to get going. Lots of editing to do (I've been bad) and the laundry is calling my name. Of course, so is the bag of Doritos in the pantry, but I am turning a deaf ear to that one. I'd better.


Anonymous said...

You're not bad at all. You've got tons more patience than anyone else.

Stick the laundry in the machines, get out the edits -- one of the oddities I've discovered is I find it SOOTHING to have the laundry going while I edit -- yes, I do get stranger by the day -- ignore those Doritos.

Do you like almonds? I found the most revitalizing snack (and fairly healthy) is to mix almonds, whole wheat pretzel nubs, and dark-chocolate covered raisins and snack on them in between meals. I don't eat that much, it's fairly healthy, and it gives me a good boost.

Take a deep breath.

Michelle Miles said...

Hey - we're parents. We run out of patience sooner than later and sometimes you just have to SHOUT. I do. And then I feel bad. Especially if he cries. (sigh)

Yeah - get on those edits. I want to see more. hehehe

Anonymous said...

When our son was 6-7 we had the same trouble. After many threats we 1st sent him to school without breakfast. Then the next time we sent him to school in his PJ's. He was not pleased with that one. After we got there he agreed to comply. He now knows we are serious. You should give it a try. It's hard to be a parent and not convienant at times. It is also a power struggle. But we are the BOSS. Best wishes . UNCLE ROB