Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Can't Think Of a Title...Too Tired...

Status: Drooling on the keyboard from sheer exhaustion.

Another sleepless night. Mostly because Thing Four had four shots yesterday and developed a fever (not super high thank heaven) so I had to check him a few times in the night, AND during the times I was trying to sleep, I was writing the opening chapter to my new story in my head. Had to resist the urge several times to run down to the computer because it WAS four a.m. in the morning!!!


So, the drywallers are here to do warranty repairs, and I can't go anywhere. I'll have to run my errands after I leave.

Thing Four had his rice cereal for the first time yesterday, and he eats like he's been doing it forever. My other babies spit it out and couldn't figure out where their tongues went and ended up with more cereal OUTSIDE them than inside. Not Thing Four. He's my Super Eating Baby.

Should I worry? He's already 19 pounds and 27 inches at four months. He's going to be one of those teenagers whom I have to buy one whole pizza just for him, someday, I can tell. Heaven help my grocery bill, with THREE teenage boys! EEEK!

Well, I'd better get that first chapter out of my head and onto paper. Off I go!


Lowa said...

Thing Four may not actually be that way when he is a teen. My Jock was 20 lbs a few days before his fourth month check up for shots, etc. He was HUGE. At eight months he ate two pieces of toast AND a HUGE bowl of oatmeal with fruit mashed in it and nursed for a long time every morning at 5. Then ate lots the rest of the day. He is 12 now and goes through spurts of eating a lot, but normally doesn't eat like a typical kid his age. He is the smallest on his hockey team and is only 82 pounds and about 4 foot nine.

You just never know is all I am saying! I was sure Jock would be the one to eat an entire pizza. Not yet! Maybe those days are coming though, eh??

I remember when I first tried pablum with my kids too. I usually tried around six months and hated it at first. Except Jock! I could not get it in his mouth fast enough! LOL

Hope you got some writing done and get some sleep:)

Michelle Miles said...

I'll have to run my errands after I leave.

You really WERE tired weren't you??