Monday, September 24, 2007


Status: Peeved --at the fact that my house gets TRASHED every weekend because, frankly, I don't feel like cleaning it.

And yes, I contribute to the mess myself! I am not a "clean freak" mom. You would think with all the time I spend cleaning my house, I would be, but seriously, it's just to keep my head above water. I sort of have a big-a** house, and it can be overwhelming at times. Thank heaven my kids can dust and vacuum and tidy. But for some reason, we don't like to do it on weekends!

What is the deal with that? Maybe because Monday through Friday I make them clean it (and I clean it) and Saturday and Sunday we want to slugs or something, I don't know.

All I can say is, come Monday, the house is a cluttered mess. And since clutter drives me nuts (especially when you can't walk in the upstairs hallway because it's a Mine Field) I have to tidy it.

So after this post I will be cleaning for the next few hours. But not their rooms. THEY are in charge of cleaning those. I won't do it. Nope nope nope.
Then I'll run to the store, cleaners, etc. etc. Mondays are usually wayyyyy too busy.

But at least they're quiet. When Thing Four sleeps, you could hear a pin drop in this house.

That evens it out for me...


Michelle Miles said...

I hate cleaning on the weekends too. I've been ignoring the carpets and the toilets lately... ew.

Lowa said...

I know JUST what you mean. Our kids always want to sleep in the Rec Room on weekends. By MOnday morning...WOW! Wrappers, popcorn all over the furniture and floor, dried up sandwiches& cookies, crushed grapes, movie cases open, papers and drawings all over, sleeping bags, dirty socks and PJs are all over the place.

And that is just the Rec Room. The rest of the house is not much better. They dread Mondays, because they know they have a chore list and have to clean before they even "get" to do their school work. Close to noon, they are BEGGING me for their spelling books and for me to start a Science lesson or something:) teehee By the time we start, the house looks a little better. I tell them to stop messing it up so bad, but they don't listen. Must be KIDS or something:)