Friday, September 28, 2007


Status: Exhilarated. I scored!!!

What did I score? It was a case of there-at-the-right-time, I tell you!
I love composition notebooks. Yeah, like the ones they had in the 1950's. Black and white camo, and sturdy. I use them for all my novel notes and research notes and plotting and well...everything!

They were on sale by the truckload at Target for a measly thirteen cents. Yes, I bought twenty of them. And I only spent $2.60 for TWENTY composition notebooks! I am set for the whole year. Usually those suckers are a dollar each. Some places, they're $2.99.


Thing One is having a girlfriend over for dinner and a movie tonight--they both want to watch Bridge to Terabithia in the movie theater room and I will provide them with a complementary box of tissues. I heard it's a MAJOR tear-jerker.
So I have to rent the movie and pick up the pizzas (Papa Murphy's ROCKS!) and then dry cleaning, go the bank, then the store to buy diapers, because the huge box I bought two weeks ago is already empty. Yikes!
Thing Four's tooth is out. He's happy as a clam. And he's starting to giggle--and laugh. It's the cutest thing ever!
We have two soccer games at 9am tomorrow, then Thing One's is at 11:15. Luckily its at a park nearby. Last week her game was 35 miles away. It was a hike, but a beautiful one.

I love living in Wisconsin this time of year. The leaves are changing, and soon it will be a riot of color everywhere. Especially in the semi-rural area I live in. Long winding roads framed by trees, and every half mile or so there are farms with cows or horses. It's so peaceful and lovely. But then a major windstorm always comes through and blows all the leaves off the trees in three days, and then it's all ugly and the snow comes and we're buried until March. Woo. Turning cartwheels over that one!

But for now I'll enjoy the Fall. Have a good weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous -- the "sale" notebooks this season were all around $2.49!

Woo-hoo for you!!!

Michelle Miles said...

Congrats on your score!!!

I wish fall would hurry up and get here.

Oh and yes - that movie is a total tear-jerker. I wasn't expecting it to be one at all.