Friday, September 07, 2007

I am the QUEEN.

Status: Exhausted. I stayed up all night cleaning my house. So the maid service won't be mortified. Why do I punish myself?

I have decided I am the Queen. The Queen of "I'll-Do-It-Tomorrow." This is not a very proud moment for me, but I have realized I am a huge procrastinator. I make lists of things to do, cross off about half and the rest I just say: "Eh, I'll do it tomorrow."

I'll do EVERYTHING tomorrow. Clean the toilets, organize my office, attack the laundry (the pile the size of a baby elephant that never seems to dwindle no matter what), eat healthier, pull weeds, workout, etc. etc. etc.

I put everything off! So, what happens if tomorrow never comes? I guess I'll be in big trouble.
My husband came from a "Work-Till-You-Drop-From-Sheer-Exhaustion" family. They had an impeccable home, and a quarter acre garden in the backyard without one weed in it.

I came from the "Put-It-Off-Until-It-Becomes-So-Big-You-Give-Up-Because-You're-Overwhelmed-And-Go-Have-A-Bowl-Of-Icecream" family. Yes, I have issues.

I say this because for FIVE days I have been telling myself I would tidy the house so the maid service can get in and clean. And every one of those five days I put it off, until last night, when I realized in a panic that I had mere hours to tidy the entire house.

The hot fudge sundaes I made Hubby and myself last night were sure good.

I need a diet Coke. Have a good weekend everyone!



Anonymous said...

Oh Lara,

We aren't that bad...close...but not that bad. :-) :-)


Lara said...

Okay, who taught me to stick dirty dishes in the oven when company came??????

:-) (which I did until I forgot one day and turned the oven on and melted all my Calphalon utensils)


Anonymous said...

I only did it one time! (because mine almost melted too.) :-)

I had a friend who put all her dirty dishes in a basket in her car during her open house. Much smarter! LOL

Michelle Miles said...

Hey - tomorrow is another day!! haha

If that's your worst character trait, I wouldn't worry so much ;)

Lowa said...

I just pile all the clutter from the kitchen counters into big paper grocery bags and hide them in the Master bedroom. The trouble comes when hubby and I can hardly get into the bed, due to a jungle of grocery bags full of coupons, rolls of tape, phone chargers, etc. My husband grew up in an impeccable home also, but it was his mother doing it all by herself to the detriment of her children. She seldom spent any time with them at all, she was so anal about keeping things perfect. I grew up in a cluttered but clean house with a mother who always got down on the floor and played with us, made us home made dolls, etc. Which is better??

I know JUST what you are talking about:) The ice cream sounds YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

You sound like about every other mom out there!

Why do today what we can put off until tomorrow? ;-)

Anonymous said...

don't you mean brick of ice cream?? C'mon, get it right!