Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Status: Bewildered at the unseasonable COLD!!!! What is the deal???

Yeah, I live in Wisconsin. Crack all the "cold" jokes you want, but we usually don't get cold until mid-October. And here we are, not even MID September, and it was 40 degrees last night.
Now, that's cold.

Granted, I love Fall/Winter clothing and all, but our kids only got to wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts for ONE week of school! Not even one week!

It's off to the Dr. for Thing Four (he gets to start eating MUSH, I am so psyched!) and then to the baby store. I need winter clothes for the baby!

So I get a call from Thing Two's teacher last night, because Thing Two (as an OBVIOUS attention-getting ploy) told her that his dad was in jail for drinking too much.

Yeah. He really told her that.

Just to clarify, Hubby doesn't even drink, and hasn't even had so much as a speeding ticket. Well, not for a few years. So, where that came from, we have no idea. I was a tad mortified, to say the least.

Then again, I told outrageous lies as a kid. I was convinced that telling my teacher I could fly would be believable, and I was as sincere as a kid in church when I was telling her about my adventures in the air. She even nodded and seemed to believe me! Oh well. I guess I can't fault him. I just don't want to be shunned at the next PTA meeting because of our little "secret." Maybe I could make up a T-shirt for Thing Two to wear to school that says "I LIED WHEN I SAID MY DAD WAS IN JAIL FOR BEING DRUNK AND IN TRUTH HE IS AN UPSTANDING CITIZEN AND OBEYS THE LAW."

Or I could just write it in black sharpie on his forehead. He won't tell lies like that again, let me tell you...


Anonymous said...

A born storyteller, even if he isn't writing it down! It's sort of funny, if it wasn't your own family, you know? I'm interested in how you get him to stop doing something like that.

The leaves were already turning in central Massachusetts last week, and the cats have grown thick fur coats for winter. I think it'll be a cold one.

Lara said...

We had a talk with him about integrity--and attention getting ploys by making wrong choices.(ie big LIES) He was mortified that we found out about it.

He apologized to Hubby this morning on his own steam. He felt really bad. So, hopefully our discussion had some impact.

Michelle Miles said...

I was talking with some folks at work about how it's probably going to be a horrible winter. It's been such a mild summer for us here. I think we only had one day over 100.

I was going to say what Devon did - he's a storyteller already! (And, clearly, so were you when you were young. LOL)

Mike and Kelly said...

That is funny. My brother told his teacher that his favorite Christmas song was "Please, Daddy Don't Get Drunk This Christmas". It was a country song he heard on the radio. Just keep him away from the country stations around Christmas time, or she may get suspicious.