Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday Toast Day II

Kids are eating their toast and juice...
Status: Still sad Becks won't be playing anymore...does this mean Posh has to get a job?

Had the synopsis for my story come to me like a bolt of lightning yesterday...I scrambled to the computer (after scribbling it down on my grocery list for Pete's sake!) and got it all out into a document. I'm excited to proceed. And I have a deliciously evil villianess (in the form of an eleven-year old girl) forming in my mind. She's a piece of work. It will be fun, writing her.

We went to the park yesterday, and I jogged for 40 minutes. I haven't done it in a while and it felt good. We're off to the park this morning too. I'm just going to get back into things. I've missed running, and I want to get back into it. As long as the weather holds out. Running on a treadmill just isn't the same as the Great Outdoors.

Thing Three has the Running Gene, apparently. We nicknamed him "Dash" and for good reason, the kid is as fast as Lightning. I mean, he's FAST. I don't know how he does it because he has sticks for legs and he has yet to break 40 pounds (he's five, nearly six) but he ran twice around the jogging track yesterday without stopping and his poor siblings were chugging along, gasping for breath and he was a full lap in front of them in no time. I was ready for a little smoke trail to come out behind him...sheesh!

I wish I had that energy. Where did it all go? I know--it was sucked out of me when I got kids, two cars and a mortgage. Ssssssssploink!! Energy gone! Hopefully the exercise will help.

Time to get going! The kids want to see Zoom, and we're taking them this weekend, because Hubby wants to see it too.

Thank Heaven there won't be any udders...


Lowa said...

I have been DYING to see ZOOM. I adore Tim Allen and it just looks great. I want to take the kids SO BAD, but since two of them are not here, I would feel bad. NOt to mention that some friends are planning on taking all four of my kids to that movie for a birthday party. They are planning the party around MY kids. Since two of mine are out of the country right now, they are holding off on the party until they get back. I would feel horrible taking my two who are here. I have NO SELF CONTROL when it comes to movies! AAAAHHHH!!!

I plan to take my boys to see Barnyard today. We were just out on a three mile bike ride and I told them that is the plan for today. They both want to see "Monster House" and I won't let them. That movie really disturbed me. They say they don't want to see Barnyard, but too bad. I do! LOL

I can't get over how you take your kids to most of the movies. All my friends and family make fun of me because I do that also. I am a movie freak, what can I say?? We need to know which ones we need to buy, right??

Michelle Miles said...

Gaw. I wish I had my son's energy too. This heat is killing me. I can't stand the 100+ days. It zaps every ounce of energy I have left. Argh!

Glad you got that synop down. :)