Saturday, August 12, 2006

I'm a SNEAKY Soccer Mom...

Thing One wasn't going for Soccer this year. She has done it every year, without fail, and finally, she said she wanted to do something else.

Frankly, I think she could be very good at it if she stayed, so we were in Sports Authority the other day, and I took her to the section where they have all the cute girl's soccer gear. She immediately began fawning over the little velcro strips they had on display, that turn your jersey into a sleeveless jersey, and she was going ga-ga over all the cute clothes, and I told her
"Yeah, too bad you don't want to do soccer this year. Otherwise you could get those."

Suddenly she was begging me to play soccer. On her knees, begging. I led her on for a moment, telling her it was too late, and the volume got louder on the begging until I "gave in" and told her she could play soccer.

How pathetic am I? Apparently I know the way to my daughter's heart:
Cute soccer accessories.


Ann said...

Clever mom!

Kat Campbell said...

A great plan until the middle of the season when the cute clothes are looking a little battered and the new has worn off. Hopefully by then, she will firmly entrenched in her soccer circle and the friends will keep her there! Great plan!