Friday, August 11, 2006

Is it Really Friday?

Where did the week go? Seriously, I am either losing track of time, or my mind. Hopefully it isn't the latter.
Thing One and I stayed up late watching Superman with Christopher Reeve. She was all ga-ga over him until I told her he'd recently died. Poor thing, she watches all these old movies with me, and has crushes on either deceased or now-decrepit actors. HA!

I spent most of yesterday organizing my writing files. Thing One (my clone in every way) was cute, she decided to organize HER writing stuff as well. I recently got a new writing bag (Hubby came home with this freebie from one of his vendors) so I gave her my old one, and she was so excited you would think I'd have given her Christmas early. She immediately put her writing tools and notebooks in it, and she carries it around with her everywhere in the house. Well, she will for a few days, anyway, until the novelty wears off.

I packed my new writing bag (which I usually take with me to the park, or Library, or Barnes & Noble) and realized that it really is a vital part of me. Inside I have my Alphasmart, a few composition notebooks, a hand dictionary, thesaurus, pens and pencils, chapstick (a must!) gum and a baby-name book I bought in high school titled "Let's Name the Baby" where I've scratched out "baby" and written "Character" over it. I have this thing where my characters' names always have to stand for something pertaining to who they are. I guess I'm weird that way.
Most of my stories are historical, so I have a filebox for each one, with meticulously labeled folders (I'm anal about my folders) and I think it's the only part of my life that's TRULY organized. Sad, but true.
If I could only keep my house the same way I keep my writing folders!

Hubby flies home today (short trip) but he gets home too late to mow the lawn, so I volunteered to do it. I'm actually pretty good at it now. It's easy when you're sitting on a quarter acre and most of it is house! :-)

We're going to see ZOOM this weekend, it sounds hilarious. We all need a good laugh, heaven knows. Have a good weekend, all!


ps...It's promising to be a sad the time of this writing it was announced that they dropped Becks from the England team! Noooooooooooooo!!!!!


Devon Ellington said...

The writing bag IS terribly important, isn't it?

I have that same book - don't know where my original copy is, so I also have a Collins BABY NAMES book, too. I remember buying the original one at the grocery check out back from college in my hometown, and the rumor going around that I must be pregnant!

I agree-- the names I use have to stand for something, too.

Hope your husband gets back without too much stress.

Have fun(?) mowing the lawn.

Michelle Miles said...

Funny - I do the same thing too with my names, but only for historical or fantasy. The contemporary I just use whatever sounds good for the character. Anyway, I have an ancient baby name book too. It's where I picked the name Dane (gaw I love that man).

I have a writing bag too that I carry back and forth from work. It has all my drafts and stuff in it. I put things in there I can reference during the day if I feel so inclined. Sadly, no AlaphSmart, but maybe someday! :)

Unknown said...

Becks needs to shove food down Posh's mouth. She is a waif. And she has a piggy nose. Becks, however, is gawgeous.

Lara said...

Karen, you've been reading too much DListed!!!


Debra Young said...

"She was all ga-ga over him until I told her he'd recently died. Poor thing, she watches all these old movies with me, and has crushes on either deceased or now-decrepit actors. HA!"


The writing bag, a wonderful thing! Mine is an orange and white stripped canvas beach bag and usually has the Mac in it, a great ring notebook--white paper w/black lines and a yellow tablet--'cause it depends on how I feel--pens and highlighters and "Note" stickies and color stickies, a folder with my story stuff, my journal, and--well I sound pretty nerdy, don't I? d:)