Thursday, August 10, 2006

Close to Home

Hubby woke up at 5am this morning to catch a flight for a business trip, and of course, sleep deprived, I went back to bed.
The phone rang a short while later and it was my mother, telling me about the foiled terrorist plot. I turned on the news and was aghast at what they were saying.

Then Hubby called through and asked me to find out when the next flight to SLC was, because he wasn't going to make it--the security line was too long and too slow. He was a little miffed because he had to dump out his toothpaste and hair gel...(things you kind of need)...but I am still reeling at what I've been watching on the news this morning.

All I can say is: hooray for Tony Blair and President Bush, and all the UK/US Intelligence people. They had word about this plot, they knew something was happening, and it was foiled.

I cannot comprehend the mass murder and scenes of horror we would have had to endure, had these terrorists gotten away with what they were planning.

I just hope Hubby flies safe. He can buy toothpaste and hair gel when he gets there.

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