Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back in the 18th Century...

Our power went out early this morning. Crikey, my house gets dark when the power goes out! Especially in the basement, where the kids were trying out one of my old Tae-Bo videos for fun.
(I, of course, was laying in bed when it happened, still recovering from being up until 1am restoring and reloading my old laptop, that crashed as I was on a MAJOR writing roll...unfortunately.)
All of a sudden I heard a loud "click" throughout the house and the sound of several things beeping and the kids came running up the basement stairs, screaming at the top of their lungs.

It was humorous to me, but if you're a kid, and you're in a basement, (that you're normally uneasy in anyway) having it suddenly plunged into complete blackness could be a bit disconcerting.

So I called and reported the outage and they said it would be FOUR hours before it was restored. FOUR FREAKING HOURS I get to be in the 18th century again. Ugh. Especially since I have things to do online, and things to fax and email. Not to mention the lack of air conditioning and it's working on being 95 degrees today.
What's even funnier is, all my phones are cordless phones, and so my phones didn't even work. I am writing down on my to do list as I type to go and buy a regular phone at Target so in case this happens again I can at least have one working lan-ded phone in the house.

So the kids and I sat in the family room and the kids played their Gameboys while I texted Hubby for a while and wallowed in self-pity. Luckily the "four" hours was only an hour and a half, and here I am, online.
I now realize I would shrivel up and die without the Internet.

What a scary thought.

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