Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Research Schmeesearch...

Okay, like an idiot, I wandered into Barnes & Noble with the kids, and started salivating immediately. And I was just looking at the Bargain Books section!
It's been a while, and I needed a book fix.
In my middle-grade series, my characters solve a lot of mysteries having to do with History, and so I knew I had a lot of research to do. In the beginning (last year) I bought books with titles such as Unsolved Mysteries Through Time and the like, and then I would just buy books on any part of History that caught my fancy, because frankly, when you have a Time Machine, the Sky's the Limit, you know?

So, my once bulging bookcase, that I had to lighten up, is now bulging again. But I know at some point I will need the information in these books. And I don't like going to the library, because I can't seem to return the books on time, and they don't let you check out the REALLY COOL research books, so my only option is buying them as cheaply as possible, and building my own library. So, lots of research to do now!I have decided to put the first book as the second book, and make this new draft more introductory to the characters and the plot. That way, there will be less narrative in the second book, because the first book Emma will be experiencing it first hand, with the reader.
Okay, now could this post be any more BORING???

Thing Three got his tooth pulled yesterday at the dentist, due to an ill-timed kick to the face by Thing Two. It was an accident of course, but the dentist had to yank it because it was a baby tooth.
Thing Three is normally a brave kid, but he was screaming while the dentist was yanking, because he apparently wasn't numbed enough. He came out into the waiting area with tearstained cheeks and a big wad of gauze in his mouth, holding his tooth in a little container. He definitely "needed Mommy" but he was torn because the tooth looked so cool, and he was trying to be a big boy.
I was of course trying my hardest not to be a mess, but it's hard when your child is screaming in pain and you are helpless to stop it. Thing Three is fine now, and he's very excited that the Tooth Fairy came last night (she almost had to give him Ten dollars instead of the usual Two because she didn't have any she opted for two dollars in quarters, which was even MORE exciting, apparently) and he feels like a big boy. Of course his permanent tooth is nowhere near ready to come down yet, but he looks cute and it's all good.

We are definitely seeing THE ANT BULLY today. I just hope I don't fall asleep. I was up all night de-junking, and then doing research on Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Hieratic vs. Demotic script. *YAWN* My name in Hieroglyphics is cool. I tried to paste it into the blog but I couldn't for some reason.
Thing One thought it was so cool: she could go and decipher ancient Egyptian, but I had to burst her bubble and tell her that the language was Egyptian, not English, so they wouldn't make sense anyway.

Can I just say Thing One has turned into a crochet-freak? She makes hats, scarves, handbags, blankets, anything and everything. And she's EIGHT for Cripes sake. When I was eight I could hardly be counted on to bathe regularly and brush my hair...let alone MAKE things. Then again I was a hopeless tomboy who climbed trees and played outside all day long.
Thing One is an inspiration. Go Thing One!!


Michelle Miles said...

It's not boring! At least to me since I'm a fellow writer. ;)

I heart B&N.

Unknown said...

Hooray for fiber crafts!! Let's just hope she hasn't learned the difference between acrylic yarn and the "good stuff." That's where it becomes one expensive little hobby. Trust me.

Lara said...

Not yet, thank HEAVEN. Although she likes to make scarves out of chenille-like material...