Thursday, August 31, 2006

I want Lasik...Don't I???

Hubby and I want Lasik. We've watched friends and family around us get Lasik for about ten years, and whenever people ask us why we haven't gotten it, we say:

"We want to see if there are any after-effects, after ten years or so."

Well, we've been SAYING THIS for ten years, so I've decided (I think) that I want Lasik. So what's the holdup?

I'm Terrified.

Okay, maybe I don't have the world's strongest stomach. Maybe it's the thought of someone deliberately singeing my corneas...but to be honest, I'm still terrified of side effects. What if my operation doesn't take? What if I go blind like one of the extremely rare cases? What if my Lasik Surgeon falls asleep during the procedure and cuts my nose off with the laser, or worse: fries my eyeballs?

These are my EYES, people! I kind of need them!

I had a college roommate who got lasik in the 80's and she completely lost her night vision. Okay, that's certainly terrifying. My other friend, Aimee, got hers in the 90's and she said it was really wonky-feeling and she could smell her eyeball cooking.
EW. No Thanks.

So, the dilemma continues. I think I am so worked up about it I WILL jinx myself. So I informed Hubby the other night if he wants to still get Lasik, go ahead.

I want to see if there are side effects after TWENTY years. Then I might reconsider.



Colin said...

After reading this I'm def sticking to my glasses. Besides, I think they make me look way more intellignet than I actually am! :-)

Lowa said...

You are one smart woman!

I can't imagine not only the smell, but the thought of the eyes being peeled open and then held that way...all exposed and...*shudder* The graphic you have there is perfect!

Let us know if hubby gets brave enough.

Ann said...

I know what you mean!
Several people know someone who went Lasix and loved it, but I keep wimping. (Plus, the doc said I might still need glasses - just weaker ones - so that gives me a beautiful excuse to avoid having laser beams in my eyeballs (aaaaaaah!))