Monday, August 07, 2006

Secret Soccer Weapon

I have discovered my secret soccer weapon: Grape Kool Aid! I kid you not, this stuff is amazing!
They have those single-serving packets now, that you put into a bottle of water and shake, and voila! Kool aid!

So, we're practicing soccer and Thing Two has HAD it. He's dragging and he's whining and I am trying to get him to get a little animated, so for his drink I mix him up a grape Kool aid. He drank the whole thing in 20 seconds and RAN out to the field and scored two goals within three minutes.

The same thing happened last year, only it was Capri Sun. Thing Two would play hard, and come back dying, and I'd give him his Capri Sun, and he'd spring right up and get in there. It was almost comical, watching the change the sugar made in him.

So this year's (slighly more sugary) secret weapon? Grape Kool Aid. Soccer players, beware!

I got a LOT of editing done this weekend. Hubby is burned out from traveling so we rested and had just a family weekend. We were going to see In the Barnyard but every single review Hubby read, the reviewer couldn't get over the anatomically-correct cows, only they happened to have MALE voices. Seriously. It was mentioned in every review. So we skipped it and saw Monster House again (since Hubby and Thing One hadn't seen it) and I cringed through it.

We are excited to see ZOOM this weekend. It promises to be like X-Men for kids, or something. And it looks dang funny.

Well, time to run! I get to be a phone-calling maniac this morning. Fun fun fun...


Unknown said...

Careful with the grape turns poop green. So don't freak out. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, Kool Aid was my nemisis when you were all kids. Nothing like Kool-Aid to bring the house down. :-))


Anonymous said...