Thursday, April 13, 2006


Monet's Flowers and Fruits. I always thought he did landscapes. I guess he did regular stuff, too.

Apparently people give flowers for Easter, because suddenly my email inbox is being flooded with offers from Harry and David, FTD,, etc. I would think they would be going bonkers for Mother's Day next month, but Easter?

I did the smart thing, or so I thought. About three weeks ago I went and bought all the candy and baskets and stuff for Easter, and hid it all in a black garbage sack in the basement. So now that people are rushing to the stores and the stock is getting picked over, I just smile smugly because I already have done it. I've been on the other end before. You know what I mean. You rush to the store a few days before Easter, only to find that the only thing left is Jelly Beans and Marshmallow Peeps (the latter, by the way, in my opinion could very possibly be the NASTIEST candy on Earth). So, I got it done early, and I'm proud of myself. Now only if I could do that for Christmas. ;-)

I finally tackled all the leftover unopened boxes in the basement. It's funny how the movers will box up anything. But I threw out about eight boxes and condensed down to six. Lucky for me the lady who built this house had EXTENSIVE clothing and furs (she had a storage room just for her furs--can you believe) and so she had huge storage rooms put in, and fashioned like California closets. I'm putting all my holiday decorations in one, and my food storage in another. So at least that will be organized. I still haven't tackled the MAIN storage area, though. Ugh. They crammed every box into it, and there's this really creepy area where there's a square opening about chest level, and when you look inside it's literally a 20X20 foot room, that is completely filled with dirt up to chest level and covered over with black plastic. I'm still not sure of the purpose of this room, but I HATE it and I told Hubby that it's where the Vampires sleep. I won't go near it if I don't have to. CREEPY.
I hope I can finish the house in time to plant the flowers. I like the landscaping of the house, a big variety of trees and bushes, and the beds are filled with decorative rocks rather than bark mulch, but you can't plant flowers in rocks. So I have all these pots I bought and it's just a matter of filling them and placing them in strategic places all over the yard. That will be a major undertaking--maybe all next week it will be my project. This week it's de-junking the house.

I think I'm going to have to tip the garbagemen a $20 just to keep them happy this time--I'm going to have a TON to pick up tomorrow!


Lowa said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy!!

I get all my Easter, etc stuff early also. Can't risk not having what they wanted.

Do you get small toys also?? My husband is upset that I do. I get them candy and sometimes cutesy socks/hair things (for the girl) and stuff. He says they get too much. Phooey!

I am amazed that you dislike those nasty peeps things! I thought I was the only one!!! I can't stomach the thought of them and gag when I look at them. I have a friend who LOVES them and they are her absolute FAVE candy EVER.

Otherwise, she is perfectly sane and sweet. LOL

Lara said...

My good friend LOOOVES those things. I tried one once, and I gagged. She said she could eat them year round. And she's pretty normal, too.

Yuck yuck yuck.

Anonymous said...

I did get my Easter candy early.
Unfortunately, I ate it early too.
I'm nothing if not efficient!