Friday, April 14, 2006


Man, I'm beat. I stayed up until 1am, writing a detailed synopsis of my Edwardian-era novel. I just had to get it down, and out of my head, or lose it forever.

Now the frustration begins: the writing process itself. I liken Writing to Crosstitch: you can spend three hours working earnestly, and all you've got when you're done for the day is one petal to one stupid flower--and you say to yourself: "I've just put three hours of effort into ONE petal?"

But then, the next night, you do another petal, and the next night, another, and after many hours and many days (weeks, months, years, however long it takes) you have a beautiful flower, and you're proud of it. Your're just a hundred years older now, it seems. That's how I feel about the writing process.

I didn't get done what I wanted to yesterday. I pulled all of the "stuff" (heh, a polite word) out of my walk-in closet so I could actually walk in it, and realized I now had Mount Everest in my bathroom (made entirely of clothes) and it took me four bloody hours to sort it all out. By the time I was done, my closet was clean, but the rest of the house looked the same. I called it quits and surfed the net and Ebayed the rest of the day. I am SO bad. And I was in a foul mood, too.

After the kids went to bed, I watched Possession with Jennifer Ehle and Jeremy Northam (and Gwyneth Paltrow with her impeccable British accent--wow I love that movie) and it put me in a better mood. If you can ignore Aaron Eckhart's character and try not to let him annoy you--I highly recommend this movie. It is fantastic. And it's VERY romantic.

But then when the movie was over it was twelve a.m. and I was gripped with the sudden urge to sit at the computer and write out the synopsis to my new novel idea. When I was finished it was 1am--and I had five pages of detailed synopsis, single-spaced. Go me. But I'm paying for it this morning. My kids get up at six, and they come and jump on the bed and sigh until I wake up. Little poopheads.

No school today, but time for breakfast. Hubby comes home tonight, and I need to try and finish the basement. Pray for me...

Have a good weekend, all, and Happy Easter!



Unknown said...

I have no relevant comment today, but I did find this coupon this morning and thought you might like it!

Good luck with the basement! I'd be totally creeped out by the Indian Burial Ground down there too. Ew.

Unknown said...

Hmmm...I don't think that whole link showed up....
it's on this site tho:
...under retail.

Devon Ellington said...

Mercury goes retrograde on July 4 -- no travel for me over the holiday weekend -- but I might shop!

If I could figure out where to stash that unit for a few months, I'd go get it; unfortunately, my near-by friends live in small places with even less storage than I do, and renting a storage unit is hugely expensive.

Oh, well.

If it's meant to be mine, it'll somehow find me, right?

I haven't seen the movie of POSSESSION because I'm obsessive about the book. And I'm not a fan of GP's work AT ALL. The book is one of my favorite novels EVER.

Lara said...

Well, I'll be honest, the casting of Aaron Eckhart totally screwed it up--even Gwyneth had her moments, but I watch the movie SOLELY for the beautifully-shot scenes between the wonderful Jennifer Ehle and Jeremy Northam. They SAVE the movie, imo.

And thanks for the link, Karen!