Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend

The Weekend ran fairly smoothly, except for one teeny detail: a month ago I bought all the baskets and candy for Easter, then stuffed them into a large black plastic bag and hid them in the basement for safekeeping.

So, imagine my surprise at eleven o'clock Easter Eve, when I couldn't find the bag. Anywhere. For about three panic-stricken minutes, I thought I'd thrown the trashbag away, with the 27 other identical trashbags I had when I de-junked the basement. Which means all my early-bird planning was rotting away in a landfill somewhere.

I knew Safeway was open 24 hours, but they had nothing left. NOTHING.

Then, by some miracle, I moved a few boxes and found the trashbag, behind them. Easter morning was saved!

And of course the next morning Hubby accidentally threw the trashbag away, with all the leftover candy still in it.

I guess that's a good thing...

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Lowa said...

I have a huge walk in closet the kids know they are not to go into. That is where Santa and the EB stash all the goodies.

Sure, the goodies get mixed in with all the clutter I have yet to de-clutter, but I can usually find what I need in half an hour or so:)

Yes, I think it is a good thing all the candy got tossed! LOL At least here it would be!