Friday, April 21, 2006


Thing One and I have been butting heads lately. A LOT. She's asserting her newfound snottiness, and I am just like my dad in the sense that I can't tolerate disrespect, in any form. I think if I were a man I'd make a good drill sergeant. :-)

So I was complaining to Hubby on the phone about it, and he suggested that we need to "get away" and spend some quality time together as a family this weekend. (Do the "bonding" thing.) I wonder what he's got up his sleeve--the mountains, maybe? But he's right. Our Disneyworld vacation was anything but relaxing--it was fun but major stressful. We all need to reconnect with each other.

We're getting a flatscreen TV installed in our workout room as I type this. Finally. Staring at blank walls while beating yourself up on a treadmill is not fun. So my resolve to workout regularly just got stronger.

I am going to bust it and get this house clean, from top to bottom. Not that it's dirty, just cluttered. And DUSTY! There is way too much dust in Colorado! (No humidity--the dust has nothing to stick to).

I have been hit by a flash of inspiration. The story that my agent submitted (and came thisclose a couple of times to selling) is going to get restyled. I'm going to rewrite it, and package it as a trilogy. I have the first and second novels written, and the third outlined. I've got to keep trying with this one. I'm not ready to give up on it yet.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Lowa said...


This all sounds very exciting!

My kids are disrespectful enough as it is. When they were in public school, it was intolerable. I brought them home (not just for that reason, but it was certainly one) and without the influence of all the other snot-noses, it improved drastically. The other kids they spend all their time with have their moments, but most HSed kids just aren't that way. One can't generalize, of course. But generally, this appears to be the case.

I hope things improve for you with your daughter.

I can't wait to find out where you went this weekend and also what you got for your Anniv last week! teehee

Flat screen TV!!!??!! COOL!!!

I hope I will be reading your trilogy soon:)

Ann said...

Good luck with your trilogy - sounds like a great revision!

Michelle Miles said...

I've been away from reading blogs for a while so I thought I'd stop by. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. :)

And happy anniversary! Congrats on making it 10 years and here's to 10+ more. ;) I only hope that someday I can find someone as special.

Oh and don't ever give up, Lara. You're a fantastic writer and you deserve to see your work in print. And if it's the story I'm thinking of, then that story FOR SURE needs to be in print. Good luck and if you need anything, holler.