Monday, May 02, 2005

Deviating from the Norm...

QUOTE OF THE DAY: People will believe anything if you whisper it.

Wow. I wiped a LOT of noses this weekend. Having sick kids over the weekend is like a Jail Sentence (**The Gavel goes Tap tap Tap** “ I hereby sentence you, Lara, to two whole days of nose-wiping, struggles with where to stick the thermometer, and incessant middle-of-the-night crying.”)
ANYWAY, I was feeling under the weather myself, so everything seemed compounded. Add one germo-phobic hubby (who stayed far away because he has to travel all this week) and this weekend pretty much sucked.
So, hubby is off to New York, and I am determined to deviate from my usual routine. My usual routine is that when he leaves, I rent every movie he won’t watch with me and have multi-movie marathons every night he’s gone. (Hubby: What the hell is this charge? $50 to Hollywood video? What did you rent? Me: Nothing. I rented one movie and those were late fees. Hubby: Oh. Okay.)

All right, YES, I’m a bit sneaky, but I’m not as bad as my Mother-in-law, who frankly, has taught me a few tricks. My personal favorite: go shopping, spend an absurd amount of money and leave all of it in the trunk of the car, while you carry in one teeny bag and Hubby sees it, and thinks you spent nothing. (Then, while he’s showering the next morning, run like hell and grab everything out of the trunk and feed it into your closet, and whenever he sees you wearing something new, tell him you’ve “had it for AGES.”)

This usually works, honest. (Although I will admit that Hubby is beginning to clue in that when I tell him I’ve had something for “ages” it usually means I’ve had it for a day or two.) We’ve adopted the Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell Policy lately, but if he asks point blank, I will tell him. Not because I can’t lie to him, but because I’m the Worlds Worst Liar and he can totally tell when I am, because I get giggly and fidgety and he just KNOWS.

So, sorry for the tangent, but back to what I’m doing IN PLACE of my normal routine. I have decided that I am going to work like gangbusters on my novel, to the point of just mindless free-writing (sort of like a “Spinning” Class but I’m writing instead of cycling my buns off) and I’m going to see how much I can get done. With no sleep, because I stay up way early into the morning anyway.

I’m trying it tonight. I’ll let you know what happens…

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Michelle Miles said...

You know.. since my hubby has been in Baltimore for four months, I've been shopping like a madwoman. The second he was gone, I thought, "This is my big chance to buy crap and no one will care!" I know I can pay all the bills off BEFORE he gets come for good. MUAHAHAHA

Good luck on your writing. :)