Monday, May 23, 2005

Depression and Sponge Bob Underwear

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Conforming to nonconformity is still conforming.

I have a yucky head cold. It’s raining outside. My house is a mess again because I’ve been too miserable to clean it. UGH. Part of me just wants to go back to bed (kids are all in school for the next two hours) but another part of me knows I need to tidy up. Of course Hubby commented this morning that he had never seen a kitchen go so fast from clean to messy. I retorted dryly that all it took was one meal around here.
I mean seriously, my kids clean up after themselves when they are finished eating, but then they dump it all on the counters and in the sink. My children are messy. They are all under the age of 8. I told my hubby that a grasp on REALITY would be appreciated here!

Okay, I’m ranting now. It must be the Advil cold. I don’t know why I take the #$&*!! stuff—it doesn’t really work anyway.

Lots of season finales this week—CSI Miami tonight, and then Lost on Wednesday (I stopped watching Alias eons ago, too bad but I just don’t care anymore about Rembaldi or how much Sydney hates working for Sloane, ya know? You can only recycle so many plotlines…)

I was down (as in depressed) all weekend. The kids' soccer games were a highlight, Both Things Two and Three got a goal each for their team (I was so proud!) but after that I got sick and nothing seemed fun or good. And I’m depressed because there’s no sun. I think I need to go get my violin out and play myself a woebegone tune…SHEESH!!

Hubby is going to his parent’s house this weekend to help them move from the house they’ve lived it for 30+ years to a brand new one. Apparently my mother-in-law is a complete mess, she’s way too nostalgic to do much packing herself, and everything she unearths during packing belongs in a shrine of memories to her kids (who have all moved far away but one). That would be weird, to live in one place for so long and have to uproot. Granted, they’re uprooting across the street practically, but it would be weird all the same.

I need to force myself to do some laundry. I had to put Sponge Bob cartoon underwear on Thing One this morning (yes, she’s a girl--wearing her brother’s underwear) because she was all out of clean underwear and let’s just say she was NOT amused. But I assured her she should thank her lucky stars--it could have easily been Spiderman or Batman. Who knows, maybe the girls at school will think it’s cool that she’s wearing boy underwear and she’ll start a trend.

Or of course I could realize that I’m being a bad mom, and I need to get off my duff and wash come clothes…what do you think?

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Lara said...

Oh, he pitches in. He just makes snide comments while he does it!