Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Kudos to the Lady!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Women who behave rarely make history.

Whether you're Republican or Democrat or Independent, you gotta hand it to Laura Bush. Despite all the turmoil, she’s gone overseas to help smooth things over, and frankly, I think she’s doing a great job. She’s the perfect ambassador. With her grace and poise, she’s an asset to the Bush Administration. Heaven knows they could use her. People in this country either love our President or hate our President (rather vehemently it seems)--our nation is so polarized over him.

But back to Mrs. Bush. During the Presidential elections, for me, there was no contest between Mrs. Bush and “Scruffy.” Whether I agreed with Mr. Bush or Mr. Kerry, the winner hands-down between their wives, in my opinion, was Laura Bush.
I think she’s a great role model. She’s intelligent, classy, and more importantly, she’s nice. How refreshing is that? To have a NICE first lady?

I’m not one to project my political views out there, I'm just giving credit where credit is due. Whether she was Democrat or Republican, I would still admire Laura Bush for the way she has done her part. You GO, Mrs. Bush!

On to other things—my hubby and I had an interesting talk last night about “gender roles” and misc. stuff. We came to this conclusion: If we both agree on what our responsibilities are for our family, and it works for us, then it’s the best for us.
We also came to the conclusion that we don’t appreciate each other very much. We lastly agreed that we wouldn’t last an hour in each other’s jobs. (I protested that I would definitely last more than an hour in his job because I have the “gift of bullsh*t” as my friends would say, but an hour with our three hellions and Hubby would be ready for the proverbial Loony Bin.)
SO, we agreed that we don’t appreciate the work that the other does. I think the longer we’ve been married, the more this has become obvious. So it was nice that we had that talk last night.

(It will be even nicer when he has the kids ALL DAY LONG while I enjoy the ALL DAY Spa package he gave me for my birthday!) And yes, the cell phone will be turned OFF.

Ah, revenge is sweet…

Side Note: Apparently (and yes I'm becoming the object of my own scorn by posting this rumor here) there is a rumor that a severe plot leak for the latest Harry Potter Book, HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE, has occured.
You can read the article here, (from This is London) but READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! There is speculation over the demise of a certain character (who I will not name here) and everyone in Potterland is in a major Kerfuffle of words and righteous indignation over it. You can judge for yourself.
I for one, hope that this character won't be dying, but unless we hear from Jo Rowling's camp (unlikely) we'll be waiting until July 16th to find out the truth.


Michelle Miles said...

Laura Bush is a classy lady, I agree.

And good on ya'll for having a great heart to heart. Sounds like you have a great relationship. :)

Ann said...

Impressive - if I ever take the plunge (and not freak out and pull a runaway bride thing) I'll use you as an inspiration on how to handle marriage.