Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm not Superstitious (knock on wood)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: My Karma ran over my Dogma

I burned my toast this morning. That’s a bad sign. Not that I believe in signs, mind you, but it always seems that when my possessed toaster makes up it’s mind to burn my toast, it’s a signal that the day ahead will be filled with chaos.

Not that I believe in signs or anything…

So I’m tired of banging my head against the desk over this novel. Is it NOT supposed to get written? And of course I seem to be finding every excuse in the book not to work on it—I’m wondering if that’s a sign.

In other news, Thing Two was better yesterday. He only asked if we were going to get hit by a tornado twice, and in code, (because I told him that if he said the “T” Word one more time…he’d get into major trouble.) So he hedged and hawed and hemmed and said “Well, Mom, those clouds are awful dark, I’m wondering if we’re going to get a…you know…the word I’m not supposed to say…”
Not exactly subtle, but at least he didn’t bedevil my ears with the blasted “T” word.

I’ve gotten on an organization kick. What’s really sad is that I have at least 8 boxes of old bills in my basement storage room, and the whole reason they’re there is because for nine years I’ve promised myself I’ll buy a really good shredder and shred them. And clearly I haven’t done it. So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and go to OfficeMax and spend a little money on a really good shredder, and I’ll tackle the boxes in the basement. Oh, and in my craft room, bedroom, Thing Three’s closet, the laundry room closet, the garage and wherever else I have stuffed things. TIME TO GET ORGANIZED!!!

Now if I can only find the @#$%!! Car keys! They're usually in one of five places. I always say that to my hubby. Whenever we can't find something really important (i.e. car keys, wedding rings, prescription sunglasses, etc..) I always tell him it's not "lost" its just in one of my five places to put things. Those five places would be: 1)My nightstand, 2) The dresser 3) my office desk 4) The cubby-holes above the kitchen desk or 5) the kitchen counter that's not really part of the kitchen.

Now, if said items are not in any of the five places, then I know that I'm screwed. So, I'll go look for my car keys in one of the five places, and then I'll search for my purse, a pair of shoes, etc.

Yeah, it's time to get organized...


Michelle Miles said...

Good luck getting organized. Sometimes you just have to stop and do that. And regarding the novel: at my conference this weekend, the keynote had this advice: "Write the damn book." Or (less eloquently), "Get the sh*t down." HEHE :)

Cassaundra said...

We must be on the same boat, cuz I'm doing the same thing. I've officially unpacked my whole apartment and now am going through everything I own and seeing what I don't need, or getting rid of things I haven't used in the last year. Sooooo much crap! *grumble* I know you feel my pain on this!