Friday, April 29, 2005

Confused Muses and Neurotic Dogs...

QUOTE OF THE DAY: If anybody ever tells you you're one in a million, just realize that means there are 100 people just like you in China.

I don’t get it. My Writing Muse is back; she announced her arrival yesterday, but not how I intended. In fact, I’m perplexed...
Back story: I am supposed to be delivering a YA novel about a 17-year old girl living in Victorian England to my agent this year, and for some reason, all these other stories keep popping into my head that aren’t even the YA genre!
This latest diversion takes place in a fictitious rural village in Scotland (a place I know VERY little about!) but my Muse said that’s where it takes place. She gave me the location of the village (between Turriff and Aberdeen), the name of the Heroine, the name of the Hero, and a lot of the names of the people of the town. I even have a movie in my head about it.

So what gives? I NEED TO BE WRITING ABOUT SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! I am on a deadline, and I need to be writing about Egypt and strange curses and two silly Victorian girls who find romance in the desert, for Cripe’s sake! UGH!!!
I need to go watch some period movies or something. I need to forget all this nonsense and tell the Muse that she GOT IT WRONG, and I need to focus on the “right” story!

--Also, on a lighter note, I’ve discovered that my dog is Neurotic. I suppose it’s because I am highly impatient with him when he goes to the bathroom. I’m always telling him to “hurry up Hagan” and now he’s started doing this thing while he poops, a cross between a Tap Dance and a Butt Wiggle. (Perhaps it helps him “get it out” faster?)
In fact, I think I’ve trained him to be the fastest Pooper/Pee-er in the Midwest, because he runs out, frantically sniffs around, then squats, then runs over, frantically sniffs some more and does the Tap-Dancing/Wiggling/Pooping Thing in no time flat.
What can I say? I HATE being outside in the cold—but now I have a neurotic dog who thinks he’s a failure if he doesn’t eliminate in 30 seconds flat.

I think maybe I need to start from the beginning with him...

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Michelle Miles said...

Go with it, Lara! It sounds interesting! :) And then when you run out of things to write, get back to your Egypt story.

I wish my Muse would come back from that martini break. *sigh*