Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sugar Free Frosting is Gross.

Sorry Folks, it's been a bit of a hectic week. Thing Three (our catastrophe-prone child, it seems) has been having excruciating back pain, (it started a couple months ago and was coming and going, now the frequency has increased dramatically) and we took him to Ortho yesterday. He's getting an MRI. The doctor wasn't exactly reassuring, as he said back pain like Thing Three's is a definite "cause for concern" in someone so young. Thing Three is ten. I will be honest, I just want him to be able to run and jump and play soccer and not WORRY about pain, you know? We've been through a lot with him, healthwise. At this point, part of me is saying "what NOW???"

Hubby is traveling, and I'm a little nervous because the corporate jet is landing and taking off 16 times in the next few days and the weather is AWFUL. Raining fishhooks and hammer handles, and that makes me nervous. But I'll probably stay up all night like I usually do, catching up on all the DVR episodes of Fringe that Hubby won't watch with me because he thinks the show is "weird." It IS weird. I totally love it. :-)

Found out that Pillsbury Sugar Free Frosting is absolutely GROSS. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. I made a sugar-free yellow cake (the cake part was okay) with chocolate frosting, and the frosting had this nasty aftertaste and I think it should be avoided at all costs. Our technology hasn't advanced enough to make sugar free taste very good, I'm discovering. BLEAH. Save yourself the $3. Do not buy it!!!!

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Devon Ellington said...

Buttercream or cream cheese frosting. There's no point to sugar-free. Besides, the chemicals they use to make it will do more harm than the real ingredients in the good stuff.

Oh, my verification word for this? "suctis". too funny and appropriate!