Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get Thee A Kindle!!!

(By the way, there's a Big iPhone/iPad update out. Sync your stuff, people! Mine took 30 minutes to download each update, which usually means they're ginormous.)

Okay, I am just going to come out and get my little soapbox to stand on. This is advice I am giving the general population:

1) If you're like me, and you love to read, yet you have 80794839609785 books in your house, well, you need a Kindle.

2) If you don't like waiting for that book to get to you in the mail, (or paying SHIPPING!) or trudging/driving/whatever you do to a brick-and-mortar bookstore to purchase a book, you need a Kindle.

3) If you're short on living space BECAUSE you have 80794839609785 books in your house, you need a Kindle.

4) If you travel, and want to read on your journey (like my Hubby does) and you don't have room to pack all the books you'd like to read, you need a Kindle.

5) If you like the idea of being able to access any of your books from your Virtual Kindle Library from your phone, iPod, computer, iPad, need a Kindle.

6) Yes, Kindles are over $100 but they are an investment. When I think of the money I save, when I buy the reduced priced Kindle version of a book, with no shipping fees, or using gas to drive to buy it, the Kindle pays for itself very quickly.

7) Can I reiterate how much MONEY is saved????

8) You can have as MANY books in your virtual library as you want. We're talking bazillions. And you can access any one of them, at any time, with the wireless feature. (which is FREE by the way!!)

9) It's lighter and easier on the eyes than the average paperback. So when your favorite author comes out with a 200 THOUSAND word hardback novel, you don't have to lug the doorstop heavy book around with you, (because a paperback version won't be out for a whole year!). You simply carry around a tiny slim piece of plastic and read it and save your wrists. ;-)

Anyone think of some other good reasons? Can you tell I'm in love with the Kindle???


Anonymous said...

Mother's day is around the corner! :-) :-) :-)


Brenda said...

Okay you have a Kindle and an IPAD? NO FAIR!!!!

Lara said...

Actually I only have an iPad with a Kindle app. Hubby and Thing One have Kindles. I happen to "borrow" Thing One's Kindle...a lot. :-) Because although the iPad, is cool, it's still not as light and small as the Kindle!

Anonymous said...

I got a Nook. I should have got a kindle, because you can't get as many titles on a nook. I'm giving my nook to my husband and getting myself a kindle for Mother's day! Hee


Aimee said...

Can I be old school? Libraries are my thing. I don't mind the wait because I don't have time to read much. But when I read, everything else(and I mean EVERYTHING else) ceases.