Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blob-age. And Those Annoying "My Kid Rules" Bumper Stickers...

I was a blob yesterday. Seriously. Hubby is traveling, it was pouring rain outside, so I took a day off. Wrote 5K on a story. Played with Thing Four. Stayed close to home, and did some laundry. Not much else. It was FABULOUS.

So, today I have guilt, and I'm going 50 MPH. But hey, yesterday was pretty awesome!

It's raining again today. And it's cold--only 50-ish. I need to go grocery shopping, because I haven't this week, and we're completely out of bread. Ooops. Bad Lara.

My son was a "terrific kid" at his school last month. I guess a kid from each class gets nominated by his or her teacher every month, and Thing Three's nomination was for Kindness. We were invited to a special breakfast where they gave him an award and read an essay about how kind he is, etc. It was really neat.

Anyway, they gave me this bumper sticker that says "PROUD PARENT OF A TERRIFIC KID." Thing Three really wants me to put it on our car. I have to admit, I have seen these bumper stickers all over town. And I've always rolled my eyes when I see them. I LOATHE those bumper stickers parents put on their cars that say things like "Proud Parent of an Honor Roll Student" or "Parent of a (Name of School) Cheerleader" and crap like that. I think it's pretentious and cheesey.

I'm not alone in my attitude, because they've invented bumper stickers that say stuff like "My Delinquent Kid can Beat Up Your Honor Roll Student" etc. etc. But Thing Three REALLY wants me to put this dang bumper sticker on my bumper! He keeps asking why I haven't.

What to do? I think I just might. For a little while. After all, he is pretty Terrific. ;-) Thoughts?


Devon Ellington said...

Is there a way to fasten it so it's easy to take off? Maybe put it on until the next month, when another kid is awarded something?

I keep bumper stickers OFF my car and post them on a board in the house, when I think they're funny.

Of course, I have one over my desk that says, "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup".

The only bumper sticker I'm really tempted to put on is "my other car is a broom".

Brenda said...

Put the sticker on your car. Or tape it inside your back window.

Honestly, I don't care for them either, but if my child would EVER earn something like that, I would.

Aimee said...

Dale has started a sticker collection in his workshop over the workbench. The kids and us know they're there, but we don't inflict them on anyone else.