Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Stinky Smelly Day.

Yesterday kind of stank. Probably because I did my first grocery shop since starting this diet, and frankly, it was tough. But I'm not going to waah waah waah and whine and bemoan my hunger pangs, because I'm doing this and that's that. I'm tougher than I think.

Except when one of my dream agents emails me a FORM rejection. Ouch.

But I am stronger than that, too.

I think a lot of school kids are doing projects in the U.S. on Greek Mythology. Because I've gotten no less than 80 hits a day on my "hydra" monster picture from last year. The post where I likened unpacking my boxes to "cutting the heads off a Hydra." Funny.

I finished the project I was working on, and sent it off. The rest of the day was spent feeling sorry for myself (ms rejection) and doing all the stuff I couldn't do over the weekend.

Today, I am running more errands, and THEN I'm cracking open A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES. I deserve a treat! Even if it isn't coated in chocolate... ;-)


Michelle Miles said...

HUGS on the rejection. It stinks. I'm sending you virtual chocolate (since I don't want to tempt you with the real thing).

Anonymous said...

Regected? ...and you didn't eat?

Wow! Breakthrough!

Bring out the brass bands and let's party cause you deserve it!!!!! You deserve pats on the back all day today.

Keep having breakthroughs like that and you'll succeed! :-) :-)


Anonymous said...

I meant "rejected." Mom can't spell today. :-(

Devon Ellington said...

Sorry about the rejection. It just means the perfect agent is someone totally different!

You'll love the book.

Anonymous said...

Is it a good book? Do you think Target has it? I'm going there this morning. Sorry about the rejection. I couldn't do that.


Brenda said...

Sorry about the rejection. They suck!