Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm GRUMPY Today.

Today is LAUNDRY day. Maybe that's why I'm so grumpy. Laundry makes me grumpy. I look at some of the clothes my boys have worn and I think to myself: "Really? Are you KIDDING?" I do this a lot, actually. Thing Three isn't happy unless he comes home grass-stained and covered in dust most nights. With marker on his hands and orange lips from Cheetos filched at a friend's house. UGH. Thing One is almost worse: she magically never has any dirty clothes. For WEEKS at a time. I have finally figured out why. Because she hides them. Somewhere in her room. And suddenly, one day she says "Mom, I don't have any clean underwear or socks or shirts or jeans." And she produces a pile of dirty clothes the size of a small automobile that she's been hoarding. Niiice. Then there's the whole "Wash-Two-Shirts" thing she likes to do. She's sneaky. When I'm off to soccer practice or some other errand, she runs and sticks two or three shirts in the washing machine, and runs a full cycle.

This drives me nuts. If you're going to waste all that energy, you need to have at least TWENTY shirts in there. Grrrr. :-(

And I'm especially grumpy because someone went through my sugar-free candy jar and picked out all my pieces of Dubble Bubble. SACRILEGE!!!

Hope everyone else has a less grumpy day.


Devon Ellington said...

You poor thing! You'll just have to head out to the store to replenish the candy -- and then hide the jar!

Cassaundra said...

It was the anti-nutrition man. ;-)

I have inventory today, so I have the grump bug too. Hope today gets better, and isn't thing one old enough to learn how to do her own laundry now? *hugs*