Monday, March 07, 2011

Hairy Soccer Mom *Snortgiggle*

This weekend was a little...hairy. And now that I've written the word "HAIRY" all the pervs who find my blog googling "Hairy Soccer Mom" will have another hit. Move along, pervs, there's nothing for you, here...

Lots to do this weekend. I had one project I really wanted to focus on, but things kept getting in the way. It was highly frustrating. I've downloaded A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES to my Kindle app on my iPad, and I'm savoring the moment I get to actually start reading it. I really think it's right up my amateur historian alley... ;-)

Ran to South Carolina to get gas--with a car wash I paid $3.17 a gallon! I love how they lower your gas price when you buy a car wash--after the rainy/muddy weekend my car needed it anyway, and I saved four bucks on gas. Hey, it helps!

I stuck to my diet all weekend, and I feel great because I survived Week One. Go Me.

Watched "Just Go With It" Saturday night with some girlfriends, it was way cute! It was actually pretty clean for an Adam Sandler movie--and even though it was your predictable Jen Aniston Rom Com, I laughed out loud (as the did the annoying HONK LAUGHER behind me) frequently through the whole movie.

Now it's back to my project and LAUNDRY. As in, I have about 17 loads to do. It never ends.

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Devon Ellington said...

I am absolutely convinced laundry reproduced in the hamper. There's no way two people can create THAT much laundry every week in my house, and yet -- we do.