Friday, March 25, 2011

Boys and Weapons. *SIGH*

Quick post today--I have one of those days where I am tightly scheduled, and can't afford deviation.

Thing Two is leaving on his first overnight Scout campout (Hubby is going with him, hooray!) and we have to "buy" a few things. One of them being a Swiss army knife. What is it with boys and Swiss army knives? It's like, I'm buying him a COMPUTER or something, he's THAT excited. Well, I won't buy him an Airsoft Rifle like he wants ("But Mom, ALL the boys in the neighborhood have one!"), so I guess this is something. But I will have to Lay Down The Law concerning when and where he can actually have the knife on his person. (As in, only during Scout Campouts???) His brother is very jealous. But he will get his very own knife when HE goes on his first overnighter. For now, they get to have NERF guns, and be happy with them. **Lara rolls eyes** I know I'm so mean.

What is it with boys and weapons? Never mind. I get it. It's like, girls and barbies. They GO TOGETHER. :-)

I find it interesting, though, that it has been in the eighties and seventies here, and now that they're going on a campout, it's going to be FIFTY DEGREES (35 at night) and RAINING. Poor guys. I will be all cozy in my soft bed with my down comforter in my comfy jammies, and they'll be shivering in their Mummy bags in a tent.

It will build character, right? ;-)

Have a happy weekend, everyone! Although since my beloved BYU lost last night in overtime, (Florida DIDN'T get "Jimmered") it will be pretty somber. We're pretty broken up about it, over here.


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