Monday, February 01, 2010


For reasons beyond mere motivation, I have decided this week is "Dejunk The House" week. Off I go to Home Depot today, and I'm going to invest in about 30 more clear storage tubs. I'm going to get rid of all the cardboard in my back storage room. I'm going to go through EVERY SINGLE black bag of clothes in that room. (I've counted, there are currently 24. Yes, TWENTY-FOUR!) Then I am going to TAKE THE DARN THINGS TO GOODWILL, ALREADY!!!

And with a NON-SENTIMENTAL attitude, I am going to throw away, throw away, throw away, THROW AWAY. I am going to order a large dumpster from the local Environmental Waste Management company. I'm going to have them park it in the driveway. (please don't snow please don't snow PLEASE don't snow this week!!!) And I'm going to fill it. Why?

Because we have Too. Much. Junk.

Think I can do it? Think I can dejunk my whole house in one week?

I am about to find out. Pray for me.

Lara Out.


Devon Ellington said...

Since you have a deadline, yeah, I think you can do it.

Good luck. I'd say "enjoy", but under time pressure .. . .although you'll feel fantastic once it's all done.

Lee Anne said...

Yes! I think you can do it. I started our basement this week too. I have "sentimental" issues as well and Freecycle helps. It's easier for me to give away than throw away. I was surprised to find that Freecycle folks will take just about anything with quick pick-up.

Michelle Miles said...

You can do it. If I lived closer, I'd come help. :)

And just think how liberating it will be to throw stuff away!

The Bean Cassarole said...

Want help? You can always inspire me by saying that I can have all the copper stuff on the floor, but you get to keep the silver stuff. ;-) worked back then, lol.

Miss you! And you can do eet!

Lara said...

LOL I forgot about that, Cass! I was a horrible little thing, wasn't I? But yes, it worked!!!

Chris said...

Awesome Lara! You are breaking the traditional family curse! It's about time we all go through junk rehab!

The Bean Cassarole said...

Hey, in my defense, I don't have a lot of junk! I have a it has *counts* 10 boxes of stuff from the attic, decorations.

I think that's pretty good. I go through my clothes all the time and get rid of stuff. I don't have the storage to continue the family curse. :(

That /is/ a good thing..right?

Anonymous said...

Ok my children...we are all sentimental horders (in a positive way)


Aimee said...

Your family conversation is cracking me up! And I don't think your family has any more of a hoarding problem than the general have see that show "Hoarders" on A&E? Now that's hoarding.