Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Why I Won't Be Replacing My Kindle With An iPad Any Time Soon...

...You know, I was drooling over the iPad the other day, and I realized I like my Kindle better! For e-reading, it wins hands down. Holding a Kindle is truly like holding a book--it's slim and light and uses an ink-and-paper-like technique that causes no eye strain, because there is no backlight. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
The iPad, although cute and fun looking, really just is my ipod Touch on steroids. And it's bigger and heavier than the Kindle, so the "reading" experience might be a tad cumbersome.
I mean, look--it's HUGE! (Either that or Steve Jobs is a midget.) Everyone is talking about it being the "Kindle Killer." I disagree. I would hate holding that thing up to read off of. Especially since I like to lay down in my bed and read with my head propped up on a pillow. My hands would get tired!
Sure, the Kindle is simple and clean and doesn't have all the fun functions of the latest tablet from Apple, but since all I want from it is the ability to download and read books, it suits me quite nicely.
Maybe someday when I have $800 to burn, I can upsize my ipod Touch. For now, I like my Kindle just fine, thank you very much.


Devon Ellington said...

The whole Amazon/Macmillan fight has turned me off all things Amazon at this point. I don't have a Kindle and won't be buying one -- but Im not planning to buy an IPad either. It reminds too much of my iPod touch, only bigger.

Michelle Miles said...

I have an iPhone and a Nook and that's really all I need. I *lurve* my Nook. It's awesome.

Lowa said...

I don't have any of these things and doubt that I ever will. Give me a good old "real" book and I am happy!